Nov 13 2009
07:57 am

A couple of new blogs from a couple of great writers you might know:

• Shane Rhyne: A Place to Hang My Hat

• Rikki Hall: Sour Persimmon

(See also: Rikki Hall's proposal for a Museum of Appalachian Natural History: Kentucky has the Creation Museum; we can embrace reality.)

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Rikki & Shane

Loves me some Shane 'n' Rikki!

Great to see two really terrific new local blogs launching. I'm reading both regularly.

(Transparency Alert: Shane works with me in the Digital & Social Media Division at Ackermann. But I would read his blog even if he didn't ;-) )


tennesseevaluesauthority's picture


Thanks for recommending my blog, R. I appreciate the kind words and look forward to having a full-time place to hang my hat online.

Thanks, also, for alerting me to Rikki's new blog. I know it will be a great addition to my daily (or evening) reading list.

Take care,


EricLykins's picture


It would improve our cultural and educational image and cement Knoxville’s status as the capital of the Southern Appalachians.

Damn fine message.

I will never again refer to this town as anything other than Capital of Southern Appalachia.

Is Pittsburgh our North Appalachian sister capital?

It's going to take a lot of 21st century, non-coal jobs (that doesn't mean funnel cake making migrants from Pigeon Forge) to reinforce Middle Earth around the Beckley/Bluefield area.

rikki's picture

Thanks for the plug and the

Thanks for the plug and the kind words. I just added a new post about Laurel Snow Pocket Wilderness, a great place just outside Dayton. I'm still trying to decide on the theme and scope of my blog. I'm leaning toward nature and science moreso than politics, but I'd be curious to know what my readers prefer.

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