Nov 13 2007
08:36 am

Knox County Commission joint Intergovernmental and Finance Committee meeting is about to start. How to fill vacancies will be the star issue, but I predict the following also may get attention: revisiting stormwater ordinance, changes to ethics policy, recall amendment, and appointment of Scott Davis to Public Building Authority.

Updates as possible. --Mark Harmon

John Owings has brought back the ugly spectre of rolling appointments.
Scott Moore has added a wheel tax repeal to discussion section.
I need to speak up so one motion related to Open Meetings Act does not become a poison pill to improvements or an inducement to weakening.

Lumpy just exploded in an outburst of false statements about the past forum at Whittle Springs.

My past posts on this are here.

50 Cents Wasted's picture

What are the Perks for Davis' Appointment?

What are the perks for Scott Davis' appointment to the Public Building Authority?

He's made a lot of money off development deals wherein the county has gone out and acquired property, for which the use/need is dubious at best.

Ragsdale must be wanted to test his muscles to see if he can get somebody appointed to something. In my mind, in this community, being a fried of Mike Ragsdale is to lower yourself and sully yourself with his spendthrift ways and disregard all rules and then appologize, make excuses, and blame somebody else. County Commission should view any appointee brought by Ragsdale with a jaundiced eye.

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Tedious but important

I have been watching this joint committee meeting of the County Commission and been struck with the fact that they are doing exactly what we have wanted for an open meeting. It is functioning as a workshop with all the commissioners working their way through the appointment process. I can see some commissioners pet concerns coming up, but I cannot see where there was any conspiring prior to this meeting. But it will be a long and tedious meeting.

And I want to thank Lumpy for attacking Mark Harmon and Chairman Leuthold having to break up the fight with a blow of the gavel! That is the kind of drama we expect of this group.

jbr's picture

Enough with the appointment

Enough with the appointment of developers to obviously conflict of interest posts. Scott Davis, or anyone else.
Out of the tens of thousands of possibilities are developers the only ones they ever even consider?

Rachel's picture

Yup, it's really fascinating

Yup, it's really fascinating to see them demonstrate that they can follow the Sunshine Law, even if they're too obtuse to understand what they're doing.

"The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from old ones." - John Maynard Keynes

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