Oct 11 2020
06:31 am

Coronavirus cases rise dramatically, by 50%.
Hospitalizations up by nearly 20%.
Deaths up 6.5%.

There has been a steady increase in coronavirus (covid-19) cases in Tennessee.

According to the TN Dept. of Health,

212,649 people have tested positive for the coronavirus in TN and
2,758 have died from it.

That is an additional 13,054 cases in one week and an additional 198 reported deaths.

3,131,539 tests have been given to Tennessee residents.
That is an additional 202,730 tests in the past week.

Hospitalizations appear to have increased. From October 3 to October 10 (7 days) the number of patients hospitalized for the coronavirus has increased by 19.5% (by 167 from 855 to 1022).

6.8% of TN residents tested for the coronavirus have tested positive for the coronavirus.

45.5% of the 6.89 million people estimated to live in TN have been tested for the coronavirus.
However, that may not be true. it is not known how tests are counted when a single person gets tested multiple times. Certain people in certain fields of work (medical, education, sports) or physical ability (nursing home residents, hospital patients) may get tested multiple times.

Be careful out there.

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Tennessee overtook New Jersey

Tennessee overtook New Jersey today in total amount of cases. If you remember New York and New Jersey were both hit really hard at the onset of the pandemic but have done much better in controlling it since.

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Am I missing something here?

Am I missing something here? Yesterday it showed we had taken over New Jersey's spot in total cases. Today it shows completely different numbers for yesterday and we are still 300 cases behind them? Maybe New Jersey had some cases that had been missed?

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