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Because of this? Will Bannon

Because of this?

Will Bannon get Marsha Blackburn to run for that seat?

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Corker hasn't represented Tennessee very well

He got a bad case of Potomac Fever just like so many politicians from Tennessee who think they can do whatever they want to do while in Washington and then spin it and misrepresented it in visits to the home state. Corker fell down on the job and allowed Iran nuclear weapons, nuclear facilities, and allowed Obama to dump billions back into the Iranian economy, such that he (as well as Alexander) will have blood on their hands once the Iranians start aiming their aggression on U.S. interests, the State of Israel, and the few remaining allies we have in the Middle East.

Shame on Bob Corker, he's just another Haslam puppet who can figure out what to say or what to do until he checks in with the crowd at Pilot headquarters along the way.

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I can hardly wait to be represented by a real rightwing nutcase

instead of a pretend one.

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It would be great if Corker,

It would be great if Corker, Alexander, and Haslam were all replaced by people that represented Tennessee like Sasser, Gore, and McWherter!

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I don't know what you folks

I don't know what you folks are so upset about. I'm not a big fan of Corker's either, but the alternatives are scary as hell. Marsha Blackburn anyone?

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Corker is running

Unless constant fund-raising is just a ploy to keep potential foes off guard.

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Corker has hired a campaign

Corker has hired a campaign manger. He's running.

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For Governor? Haslam wants

For Governor? Haslam wants Rick Briggs somewhere in Washington.

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Given that Baker is running

Given that Baker is running Corker's campaign and also working on Diane Black's campaign, unlikely.

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Believe you are wrong.


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More likely

Corker, Alexander and Haslam will be replaced by people like Blackburn, Beavers and Black.

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