Apparently, Nobel Prize winner, Georgia Tech public policy professor, ORNL distinguished visiting scientist, and sustainable energy expert Dr. Marilyn Brown is overqualified or something. In a joint statement, Sens. Corker and Alexander said they want someone with "credentials better suited to the TVA board."

The Chattanooga Times Free Press has the story (by way of RoaneViews).

PREVIOUSLY (2009): Latest TVA board nominee won Nobel Prize for work on climate research

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"credentials better suited to the TVA board."

Is code for "someone who will bow down to big Coal, I guess. We see who Corker and Alexander serve and it's not us.

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I wondered why she wasn't one

I wondered why she wasn't one of the recently confirmed nominees. Now we know.

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I wonder why the eco

I wonder why the eco community doesn't make this Marilyn Brown's nomination a "cause celebre"? This looks like the climate change moment we've been waiting for.

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From what I see that falls in

From what I see that falls in the category of hard to believe.

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Aw, she's just one of them

Aw, she's just one of them dirty hippies. Who needs 'em?

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I have seen a couple times

I have seen a couple times over the years someone so uniquely and exhaustively qualified for a position not hiring them would have seemed to be something no one would consider for a second. You are lucky they want the job. Then a committee hires someone not even remotely as qualified.

It gradually fades from memory because what you miss in the future is something that never happens. The ideas and implementations of which no one else is aware.

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