Jun 6 2007
08:08 am

In a post entitled I Hate These People, Tom Tomorrow limns a scene from last night's GOP presidential debate:

Brownback, during the audience Q&A portion of the debate, to a woman whose younger brother died in Iraq eight days before he was due to rotate home:

“Thank you for your family’s service, and what your brother did, that’s incredible, an incredible gift that he and your family have given us.”

Now, what this boils down to is that a citizen said:

"My brother died."

And a man who wants to be president said:


How did the other candidates respond?


”I’m going to give you a little straight talk.”

Straight talk? HOW ABOUT A LITTLE SYMPATHY? How about, "That's tragic. Losing a loved one is difficult. I am sorry for your loss." Just because you say "I'm sorry" doesn't mean that you're taking responsibility. It means that you feel something at a human level.

These exchanges underline something very important, and very telling, about our current state of affairs. It shows you just how deep that the well of denial runs among those still faithful to the mission in Iraq. They are so convinced that they are right that they cannot acknowledge the human toll that this continuing war is exacting on people, every day. How long is it before Fox News starts running a daily tally of the gifts that Sunni militia are giving the United States every day? "24 gifts were given to Our Country today as an IED exploded in a Green Zone cafeteria..."

And as for McCain's "straight talk:" If you've got to qualify your statements by saying, "I'm going to be completely honest with you," it typically means that you're normally full of shit. QED.

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That is a shining example of

That is a shining example of why the load needs to be distributed equally. If Brownback had a daughter or favored niece or nephew that had been killed that way, I suspect his response might have been different. In any case, his attitude might have been considered a little more valid. Generally speaking, if all three branches of the government and bureaucracy were seeing the same levels of loss as peon world, the public faith that at least they actually believe the bullshit they are speaking would likely be greater. As it is, we all know it is too damn easy to go all in when you are playing with someone else's money.



It is impossible to defeat an ignorant man in argument.
  - William G. McAdoo

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I had a bumper sticker all

I had a bumper sticker all printed up and ready to go with DRAFT REPUBLICANS in big block letters. Wonder what happened to it...?

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Straight talk

And as for McCain's "straight talk:" If you've got to qualify your statements by saying, "I'm going to be completely honest with you," it typically means that you're normally full of shit.

McCain is just engaging in repetitive marketing. If he keeps claiming that he's being completely honest, the weak-minded voters of his party will buy it. He's using the farce.

Liberty and justice for all.

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