I thought there was supposed to be public access mixed-use sort of area in the middle of the old Baptist development? Maybe I am missing something.

-- The $60 million Riverwalk at the Bridges apartment complex;
-- The $40 million 303 Flats student apartments; and
-- The $12 million makeover of an abandoned medical office building for the new Regal Entertainment Group headquarters.

Where is the "public plaza" they are talking about?

"With a 1,100-foot-long public riverwalk and a 37,500-square-foot public plaza at the Henley Bridge, these new public amenities will be a great destination and another great attraction along the South Waterfront, like the new Suttree Landing Park."

Construction on 3 South Waterfront Projects Progressing Quickly

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Waterfronts ...

Knoxville may become a different place.

From scenic walkways to dynamic destinations

Reimagining a waterfront as a multi-use public gathering place is a golden opportunity for a city to redefine itself.


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Public plaza is part of these

Public plaza is part of these projects. Don't worry.

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I'm surprised the Riverwalk

I'm surprised the Riverwalk at the Bridges apartments do not have some steel framing. Not that I know much about construction.

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this is the newest

this is the newest economy construction technique for residential buildings: a concrete base to house parking and/or commercial, then multi-stories of fire-protected (drywall, stucco,brick veneer) wood construction. evolve (on cumberland) is built similarly.

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Marble Alley

Marble Alley was built like that. I watched it go up, and I was shocked at how little structural steel was being used in that five-story building. It would seem that this kind of cheap construction would result in a building that is creaky, drafty, not well-insulated, and noisy.

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"Where is the "public plaza" they are talking about?"

a 37,500-square-foot public plaza at the Henley Bridge

There is also supposed to be a public element to the open space that is an extension of Kay street.

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