Sep 17 2020
06:01 pm
By: bizgrrl

The United States Constitution

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

If only the president, the U.S. Attorney General, Sen. McConnell worked within the bounds of our constitution.

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Well clearly

County Mayors are not bound by those standards.

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I don't know what to do about this



Knox Tn Today is where this was first reported.

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The guy is unhinged. At any

The guy is unhinged. At any rate, he seems to be saying (hard to tell) vote blue up and down the ticket.

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It's Facebook. Sheesh, you

It's Facebook. Sheesh, you should give warning.

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An excerpt from Compass: So

An excerpt from Compass:

So what's going on here? The video recites rhetoric about the COVID-19 pandemic and protests against police brutality that echoes much of President Donald Trump's re-election message, but it is careful not to be overtly political. It is professionally and seemingly locally produced, given several scenes of Knoxville. The Freedom Forward Facebook page appears to have been created within the last few weeks, and as of last night had only 13o "Likes." Although the Facebook page says it is a "nonprofit organization," there is no other evidence of "Freedom Forward TN" anywhere on the internet.

We reached out to Jacobs Thursday evening to ask whether he was calling the county's Board of Health a "sinister force."

In a statement sent by text message, Jacobs said, "I support the Health Department but I think everybody knows — and I've made it no secret — that I have issues with the Board of Health, its structure, and the TCA (Tennessee state law)."


As for the origin of the video, Jacobs said in his statement, "The video is part of a conservative grassroots effort to get citizens in front of their elected officials. We want people involved and to come to meetings, like the County Commission meeting, for example, so that their voices can be heard."


The mayor's office could not immediately provide an answer Thursday night about who actually wrote, produced and paid for the video. They did say no county money was used.

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He's advocating mob rule by all his armed, unemployed followers? Think I should arm myself before the next time I speak before a board? Looks like I might have to shoot my way out if I want to get out alive.

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Also, that "follow the

Also, that "follow the science" video is embarrassing and dangerous.

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Compass has more on the

Compass has more on the origin of the video...

Responding to questions on Friday about the video, Jacobs said that the primary organizer for Freedom Forward was Roger Cunningham, owner of The Bed Store chain of mattress shops. Attempts to reach Cunningham over the weekend were unsuccessful.

Jacobs said that he, Cunningham and state Rep. Jason Zachary wrote the text for the video. He also confirmed that he, Zachary and Sheriff Tom Spangler had participated in a panel discussion at an event that Cunningham organized, but he declined to say where or when the event was held or who was invited to it, directing those questions to Cunningham.

“I am not directly involved in Freedom Forward,” Jacobs said. “I was invited as a guest.”

Jacobs rejected the characterization of Freedom Forward as a secretive group, saying, “It is a public Facebook group.” But before the page was either deleted or made private, it listed no contact information for administrators or any information about who was involved. A Facebook message sent to the page on Friday was not answered.

As of Sunday morning, the page was no longer publicly visible, and the video had not been posted anywhere else immediately apparent.


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I used to have a lot of

I used to have a lot of respect for Roger. Has always been extremely nice. Politics can sure bring out a person's true personality. This is building to be about the dirtiest election I can ever recall. And there's been many. It's just really sad that this nation has sunk to this level to where the GOP justify the means, no matter how wrong, to reach their outcome, which I feel is also wrong. The only time I can recall a person being put on such a high pedestal was a time I wasn't even born. This is truly getting scary.

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We liked the Bed Store. We

We liked the Bed Store. We bought two mattresses from them. Sales and service were top notch from start to finish.

Never again.

I have no problem if a business owner is a Republican. I'll keep my politics out of the transaction if they will.

But that video is over the top and inexcusable, and I will go out of my way to not support the damage that kind of thinking can do to the community.

Guess I'll be running out of places to shop before long.

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The FWIW deppartment

I reported it to facebook as terrorist activity and just got the notice this morning that they did not take the video down.

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If Jacobs, Zachary and

If Jacobs, Zachary and Spangler are participating in meeting discussing public policy and their subsequent dereliction of duty and willful violation of Article 2 of the Tennessee constitution by using their power in an arbitrary manner in an attack against the citizens they are duty-bound to serve, wouldn't that be a violation of state sunshine laws?

Are all our leaders able to strategize at local, I suppose this is fascism, but it's a secret meeting, meeting without public notice and participation? Jacobs is pretty adamant about getting his mobs access to public meetings to threaten and intimidate public officials in the capacity of their duties. Is he allowed to participate in what appears to be secret meetings to overthrow Knox County government?

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wouldn't that be a violation

wouldn't that be a violation of state sunshine laws?

No. Spangler is not a member of a "deliberative body," and Zachary (state legislator) is exempt.

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