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Happy Days!

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WE feel good!

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Finally . . .

Back in November 2017, I introduced my wife to Joe Biden in Nashville, where he was promoting the book he wrote about his relationship with his son, Beau. I had met in 1987 during his first run for President. I posted the following when we returned from Nashville:

"Most people these days will recognize Joe Biden as the vice president that served under Barack Obama during his two terms, but in truth Biden is much more than that. He’s been a US Senator since 1973, and also has the distinction of being the first Roman Catholic to hold the office of the vice president. He has had a long and distinguished career, with plenty of successes as well as stumbling points as is natural with such an occupation. His professed love for his country runs deep, and his patriotism, though questioned by his opponents throughout his career, has never once wavered. Judith and I were fortunate to have a chance to see Joe in Nashville last night and watch and listen to him being interviewed. You can dislike his politics, and some do, but if you dislike the man, well, there's something deep-down wrong with you. He's as decent as they come. As I was walking out the door, he turned and said, 'Hey Don, love the lid, man.'"

Today, I'm proud of him and of the 74 million+ people who voted for him. He received more votes than anyone in history and they are still coming in. One person cannot heal the wounds of this country, but I know this, he'll not seek out those who did not suppotrt him to punish them. When others are calling on him to get tough with Trump's folks, he'll instead invite them to help him try to cure this country's many ills. For his part, he'll bring civility and statemanship back to the US government, and other countries will again look to us for hope and direction, as we have a new leader of the free world.

I've been very reluctant to post anything about my sentiments for Joe, believing my profile picture on social media says enough. But today, I have to say to the man who so frequently disparaged John McCain and characterized fallen veterans as losers, "Mr. Trump, who's the loser now?"

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A Tim Burchett comment on the

A Tim Burchett comment on the Presidential election, "I respect each states’ ability to handle their own elections, but clearly there are some – like Tennessee – that have a better model. Going forward, let’s hope others look to our great state for guidance on how to run an efficient and transparent election.” "

What is he talking about? Is the model only good if Republicans win? I'm pretty sure Tennessee has no better election model than any other state.

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You about to lose your job!

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You about to lose your job!

oops..couldn't imbed You about to lose your job!

so go here and join the JOY!

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reminds me of this

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where's that link

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Weekend Update: Biden Wins

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Bush congratulates Biden

"Though we have political differences, I know Joe Biden to be a good man, who has won his opportunity to lead and unify our country," Bush said.

Bush congratulates Biden, says election was 'fundamentally fair' and 'its outcome is clear'

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Lindsay Graham says if Trump

Lindsay Graham says if Trump concedes the election a Republican will never win the office of Presidency again. What???
He wants to change our election process so Republicans can win. Uuuhhh... Isn't that just the opposite of democracy? Maybe the Republicans need to change their own policies, not the election process. How did this man win another term in the senate?
Again as I said in another post, am I missing something here?


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Very sad that Graham was

Very sad that Graham was reelected.

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Happy to see at least one

Happy to see at least one good thing come out of 2020.

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I agree. It's been a very

I agree. It's been a very rough year.

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Andrew Yang announced on

Andrew Yang announced on Twitter late Saturday that he and his wife Evelyn will be moving to Georgia to help Jon Ossoff and the Rev. Raphael Warnock in their upcoming Senate runoffs. The only state with two senatorial runoffs this year, the races have become pivotal for Democrats hoping to gain a majority in the new year.

"This is our only chance to clear Mitch [McConnell] out of the way and help Joe and Kamala get things done in the next 4 years," he wrote.


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Once again, am I missing

Once again, am I missing something here? Men of God (supposively, and only the ones in the US), now want Trump to run for re-election in four years. So let's get this straight again. Men of God are in support of a godless man to get re-elected in four years. They are throwing out all their religious principles to support this man. Couldn't they at least pick someone with a little moral fiber and religious convictions to get behind and not one who would pepper spray the pastor of his own church so he could hold a bible upside down in a staged photo op?


I really, really hope I'm wrong!
I'm won't feel comfortable till Biden's rear is sitting firmly in that Oval office chair behind the president's desk.

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The hard work

I am concerned about local pushback to an effective national covid strategy. Someone posted another video from twitter the other day from Glenn Jacobs at the shooting range. This is how one recruits and inspires people that are predisposed to violence.

I hope a real covid policy for our community can emerge from this new leadership.

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It seems possible, that if

It seems possible, that if there were voting shenanigans, it could have been on the losing side. In whole or part.

Trump getting 70 million votes seems more than a little suspicious.

As far as that goes, so do some of the Senate and House elections.

But the Democrats don't seem quick to cast suspicion. Maybe they should look around a little.

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I agree 100%.

I agree 100%.

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And if that is the case,

And if that is the case, McConnell, etc. want things to move along quietly without attention of the curious

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I believe it happens all the

I believe it happens all the time. I've even questioned if John Kerry was one.

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This is may not be good!!!

This is may not be good!!! Doesn't this mean Trump will now be able to put in place his own overseer of election fraud? Democracy is dying right before our eyes.

Until Republicans realize this and help do something about it, we are doomed as a country.

Mark today 11/10/2020 as the turning point of the death of our democracy.


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Biden not getting intelligence reports

Seems like that is a National Security risk.

Separately, the president-elect is not receiving the President's Daily Brief, the compendium of high-level intelligence reporting that goes to the most senior officials in the government. President Donald Trump could authorize that with a word, but he has not done so.

Biden not getting intelligence reports because Trump officials won't recognize him as president-elect

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Republican Senator's need to

Republican Senator's need to show they have some kahunnas and band together and stand up to Trump and denounce Trump's claim that the election was stolen. If enough of them did, the vast majority of people who voted for Trump would believe them. If they don't they are turning their back on our democracy and the American people, whether Trump supporters believe this or not. They need to do what they were elected to do, and that's to preserve our democracy and uphold our constitution. This election wasn't stolen by the Democrats, they don't have that much power. The only person who has this much power is Trump and he's assembling the means to do it. If the Republicans allow Trump to get by with this, there will be no removing him from office... Ever!

This will mean that every soldier who fought and died defending our constitution and to preserve our freedom from the Iraq war all the way back to the day our nation was formed, all fought and died in vain. And all because of one man. Our American dream will go from a dream to a nightmare.

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Everybody should celebrate

Everybody should celebrate the election of Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States. Biden is a decent man with the character and experience we need to lead our country.

Trump should be blamed for the suffering and death of millions. The damage Trump has caused domestically and internationally will never be repaired. Americans that have voted for and supported Trump share the blame. Those supporters are either ignorant or evil or both.

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They are racist which covers

They are racist which covers both.

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I agree many or most Trump

I agree many or most Trump supporters are racist but some, including many elderly, are misguided by Fox news and their churches reinforce this ignorance. They cannot admit that Trump's actions go against everything Jesus taught. Many Trump supporters are so eat up with the dumbass they do not take time to find out the facts of how twisted, mentally unstable, and evil our wannabe dictator has always been. We need to pray that all the ignorant, and racists, and evil Trump supporters one day see the light and change their thinking. It is sad and depressing that so many people are so disturbed.

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While the racism and misogyny

While the racism and misogyny are very real and cannot be dismissed, I think it's important to acknowledge the deeply-rooted insecurity that underlies this and which has been so well exploited by Trump and others. There are many facets to it - ranging from issues surrounding masculinity and manliness to discomfort and fear of rapid change in society and simply not having the education or the skill set to successfully engage with the future, whatever it might bring. Racism and misogyny are easily inflamed as symptoms of that insecurity.
People like Jordan Peterson have made a fortune tapping into and manipulating the fear of marginalization felt by many men. It's sad. Even sadder to see how many men seem to look to a pathetic narcissistic baby like Trump as some sort of idealization of manhood.
But dismissing people as ignorant and racists isn't productive. There's going to have to be a change in perception and the quality of discourse to heal these divisions in our country - especially as they are being very deliberately fueled by some.

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All of this. The toxic

All of this. The toxic masculinity is sad because they dominate their wives and kids with their outdated ideas, and their wives won't stand up to them. (I'm guessing a lot of the wives vote against them in the privacy of the voting booth, though.)

As for dismissing them as ignorant and racist, this is one of the main reasons Hillary lost. Her campaign talked down to working people and the less educated. Trump was the result. Biden did not do this.

Not sure how to deal with the MAGAs, though. There's apparently no changing 70+ million minds. All you can do is nod your head and say "yeah, I hear you, good luck and God bless."

As you mention, education is the only hope for future generations. Sadly we don't value that in Tennessee. Even if/when we ever do, it will take multiple generations and more ugly culture clashes to overcome what kids are being taught at home. Racism and other "-ism"s are taught/learned behavior.

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Biden ran a disciplined

Biden ran a disciplined campaign and did not make the mistake of making a comment such as the "deplorable" comment Hillary made about Trump supporters. Biden represents the interests of the white blue collar voters that helped him win in states like Pennsylvania and Michigan. He was able to connect with them because of his background.

No matter the honesty of Clinton's deplorable comment, a candidate cannot alienate voters with those kinds of insensitive comments. One of the many problems Democratic candidates have had for many years is the perception that Democrats are arrogant and out of touch with the average voter. That perception helped Trump a great deal. Democrats need candidates that not only have ideas that represent the interests of the average voter, they need to relate to the women and men they are wanting to represent.

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Giuliani is seeking $20,000 a

Giuliani is seeking $20,000 a day for legal work for Trump. I wonder if Vegas have odds on Trump never paying him?

Article below courtesy of:

Google News - Giuliani Is Said to Seek $20,000 a Day Payment for Trump Legal Work

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