Apr 1 2014
03:18 pm

Commissioner Amy Broyles has been accepted into the prestigious National Association of County’s Leadership Institute (CLI).

Gerald Witt has the details...

Bbeanster's picture

Way to go, Amy!

Way to go, Amy!

reform4's picture

Awesome work!


Tamara Shepherd's picture


And she just keeps bouncin' back from those surgeries, too!

(Congrats, Amy!)

Mary Wilson's picture

I am so proud of you, Dear Heart.

I still remember back in the day when Kim Webber and I helped you win your seat on this Commission, and we helped another great Female Democrat win her rightful place in the House in Nashville. And you are both now fine examples of Liberal Democratic women who are teaching 'the other side' how to be more effective and responsible to their voters.
Yey, Amy! You lead by example.

Knoxgal's picture

Thumbs Up

Thumbs up. Amy!

amybroyles's picture


Thanks, Randy, for posting this, and thank everyone for your good wishes and support!

I'm incredibly excited about this opportunity - I know I'll learn a lot, and hopefully come back a better, more effective Commissioner.

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