Jan 11 2021
05:41 pm

According to the city, people who live in the 700, 800 and 900 blocks of Phillips Avenue – between Barber and Empire streets – are having a tough time finding street parking because it's taken up by patrons of nearby businesses, especially at night. In some cases, vehicles are sometimes blocking alleys and driveways.

There’s been a lot of recent investment in the South Waterfront commercial district, and unfortunately, that’s caused some growing pains,” said Rick Emmett, the City’s Downtown Coordinator, who also serves as a liaison between South Waterfront stakeholders.

The residents asked for help, and city officials worked with residents to come up with a first-of-its-kind pilot program in Knoxville.

Local residents can now sign up for tags to hang from their rearview mirrors. The city has now allocated street spaces on Phillips Avenue for those vehicles with the tags. Signs were posted in the area this week.

Glad SoKno is moving on up. Just wish there was more future planning instead of reacting. Just think if lots more condos, townhouses, and businesses are added to the area. Where will the throngs park?

bizgrrl's picture

By the way, where are people

By the way, where are people going on Sevier Ave. that they have to park on Phillips Ave.? During a pandemic.

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Didn't the South Waterfront

Didn't the South Waterfront codes relax parking space requirements, in fact discourage parking in favor of bicycle / pedestrian / skateboard / scooter / water taxi / monorail whatever traffic?

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Would creating parking under

Would creating parking under the James White Parkway on south side of river help any. Instead of using real estate that could be used for something else?

To me, there should be no parking garages within 2-3? blocks of waterfront.

Could the South Knox Elementary school parking lot be a city lot on weekends and after 6:00 pm M-F? If they charge let the school have the revenue in whole or part. Let PBA admin it like the parking garages downtown.

Maybe an organized mechanism of Joyride hauling folks to and from the South waterfront from various parking locales on both sides of river

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Could the South Knox

Could the South Knox Elementary school parking lot be a city lot on weekends and after 6:00 pm M-F?


R. Neal's picture

Like the pedal bars and party

Like the pedal bars and party busses in Nashville? No thanks! SoKno does not need an invasion of drunk bachelorettes.

There was a free KAT trolley that ran from downtown, where there are numerous parking garages, to the South Waterfront. Not sure if it's still running.

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Joyride are golf carts that

Joyride are golf carts that shuttle folks within a small radius. Like to and from parking areas.

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Just wait. When the rodeo

Just wait.

When the rodeo comes back, it’ll be pure chaos :-)

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