May 16 2017
12:32 pm

The Times Free Press reports that state Comptroller Justin Wilson has sent Gov. Haslam a list of 53 questions about Haslam's $1.9 billion contract with JLL to outsource state property management.

The contract would cover 90% of state properties, including some college campuses. The contract assumes that 50% of the state's colleges and universities would participate, but Wilson wants to know how the Governor came up with that number.

Wilson also asks "whether the initial bidding process among three potential vendors was fair given the subsequent contract attachments later negotiated with Jones Lang after it emerged as the winner."

Other questions relate to the savings estimates, liability, oversight, incentive payment calculations, technical issues and legal requirements.

It seems there are a lot of questions about a contract that Haslam has already approved and JLL has already signed. According to the report, Haslam hasn't signed it yet pending the Comptroller's review.

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How nice that a government official in charge of checking the use of taxpayers' dollars is questioning the governor's autocratic decisions.

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A question the Comptroller

A question the Comptroller might ask is whether Haslam's 'blind trust' - or any of the family - is invested in JLL. Of course, it's now not legally required to provide such information ... and the concept of 'conflict of interest' seems to be outdated.

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