Aug 11 2020
08:11 pm
By: fischbobber

It was an interesting drive home. The bars that were open reminded me more of methadone clinics as opposed to a bustling hive of active social activity. That's probably how it should be. I don't think the ten o'clock rule has been in long enough to measure it's effectiveness, but if we don't see a bump in about ten days (down) this may not have been the right regulation. Police presence was up, but I didn't see any door to door enforcement activity. And that's probably how it should be too.

This was a good time to test a regulation like this.

Social media update (I know, I know) Substantive issues are generally met with scorn and personal attacks on any site Mayor Jacobs is associated with. I was curious about that and I went to a couple profiles, and, lo and behold, Kane's fans from around the world are defending him on Knox County facebook pages. Reality amazes me sometimes.

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Todays numbers

Looks like the mask ordinance is kicking in. Numbers are half of last weeks. Too early for victory laps, but definitely good news and a positive trend.

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Active cases

As I watch active cases go down and I consider the bar scene last night, I am concerned that our immediate results and short term gains are all dependent on the integrity of local bar owners to enforce size and distancing rules after ten. Will they do the right thing when faced with crowds?

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We can only hope for the

We can only hope for the best.

The University of Tennessee-Knoxville currently has 28 positive COVID-19 cases,
Chancellor Donde Plowman confirmed Thursday.

Plowman said 20 of the 28 positive cases on campus are students, while the remaining eight cases are university employees. Officials said 155 people are currently self-isolating due to potential exposure.

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20 UTK students infected. Context

Assuming only 20% of the students have returned, the current population infection rate for UTK students (0.35%) is 25% less than Knox County as a whole (0.47%).

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UT mask policy

UT does have an on property mask requirement. As long as that is adhered to, I think they have a pretty good chance of controlling their environment.

I would not have thought Knox County would have had the success they’ve had with the level of mask use that the local ordinance produced.With 95+% compliance, I ‘d say there’s a decent chance that UT rolls right along.

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There is an acquaintance of

There is an acquaintance of mine who has a student entering UT this semester. This person is staying in a dorm. The family has parties with other young people or adults. They don't wear masks. I wonder how this student will do while at the university. I wonder how many other people with students entering the university feel the same.

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I’d say he’s fixing to find out if he’s lucky or cursed. My son acts like he’s taking it seriously, but if there’s an outbreak and mask compliance isn’t observed, it wouldn’t shock me to see some students struggle or die. I think about that Stinson kid from Powell and Trey Smith and wonder how many kids are on campus with undiagnosed cardio-pulmonary issues. There’s just so much we don’t know and it seems everyone is looking for a high risk dice roll. I wonder how many D-1 players will lose their shot at the next level because of this. I wonder how many college students will die? As Neil Young said, “ What if you knew her and found her dead on the ground, how could you run when you know?”

I hope the people making the decisions at UT are the smartest and most committed to doing the right thing that this state has to offer. If something was to happen to my son and I had to listen to Glenn Jacobs say, “Well, people die you know.”, I ‘m not sure how I’d take that.

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Bearden football

Two coaches tested positive. One player has a 103.5 temperature and his mother is climbing the walls. I don't blame her. The coaching staff is claiming it can't be covid because they were outside. I'm thinking bullshit. Does anyone know the training prtotocol school staffs are undergoing?

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The number of coronavirus

The number of coronavirus cases on the UT campus has nearly tripled and school hasn't started.

The university reported 75 active cases of COVID-19 and 270 people in self-isolation on Tuesday.
Tennessee football coach Jeremy Pruitt said there had been 23 positive COVID-19 tests since football players returned to campus in early June, although Pruitt said this week only "a few" players are quarantining and not practicing.

Plowman said students will be required to comply with contact tracers throughout the semester, and there would be punishment for students who did not comply because "you are risking the health and welfare of everyone else here."

Students who host parties that do not comply with social distancing and mask guidelines could also face punishment, Plowman said, adding that "we will hold the party host accountable."

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Compliance idea

Maybe someone could drive or walk around campus daily to monitor and report on student hand washing practices.

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Sounds like you may be just the man for the job.

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Hey Moon

What advice would you give to Bearden parents? You have ideas.

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The kid in question

I taught this kid how to fish on a boy scout campout. My son's scout troop had a spring break campout fall apart at the last minute so I opined that it was first week of stocking on the Tellico River and we could take them fishing. So we did. It was the most successful fishing trip in the history of scouting. We had five scouts and 3-5 leaders on site at any given point. All five scouts fell in the river and survived nicely. All five scouts caught a fish. All five scouts cleaned a fish and all five scouts cooked a fish. That's the hardest thing in the merit badge to get done. Because you have to catch the fish first. And we survived a hailstorm, By we, I mean the leaders who sent the scouts to their tents and enjoyed the ambience. Which soon turned into a hailstorm, which, we survived rather nicely from. In fact, it was pretty cool. The kids were all trained in tent rigging and all the tents held, more or less.

One of the scouts on that trip plays ball for Bearden now. He's experiencing symptoms, which is as common as being asymptomatic. Quite frankly, there have been a lot of statistics but very little instruction as to how to recognize and treat early covid. Now it is scary. But it's not scary because I'm afraid of the disease, it's scary because this was both predictable and preventable and nobody stepped up to do either one. And one of the scouts on that trip is really sick and has been exposed to covid. We just don't know.

Death isn't the only crappy outcome here.

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In a letter to parents,

In a letter to parents, Bearden High School announced that it will delay the start of its football season by two weeks after, “…much consideration and discussion with Knox County Schools administration, KCS Health Services and Knox County Health Department.”

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I felt really bad for the young man.

Nobody has taken this outbreak and the personal role we all must take to control it more seriously than this family. None of the kids has been out of the house since March and this mom has been running ragged finding stuff for them to do. Home improvement, gardening, woodworking and crafts, virtual camps, backyard camp outs, have been just some of the activities she’s come up with to keep the kids occupied and create a positive learning environment. She anguished for weeks over the decision to allow her son to play football this year. But boys are boys and he wanted to play. His mother trusted that the coaching staff, school administration and School Board all had the players best interest at heart. That trust proved to be misplaced. We will have deaths within our school system if we don’t fix this.

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Test came back.

Positive. Apparently there's more going on than just one case. Watch for collective outrage. I think some parents are going to want some answers.

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Local officials from Georgia

Local officials from Georgia to Alabama to Oklahoma reacted with horror and anger on Sunday, warning that unless students take social distancing and mask rules seriously, the fall semester could come to a swift end.

“Why?” tweeted Walt Maddox, mayor of Tuscaloosa, Ala., above a photo of hundreds of mostly mask-free University of Alabama students outside downtown restaurants. “We are desperately trying to protect @tuscaloosacity.”

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Emory Road exit

Rumors are flying about a major outbreak at a watering hole in Powell at the Emory Road exit. If they're true, look for the Powell Football team and Powell high itself to be shut down in short order.

Edit: Doesn't look like the cluster has shown up in the numbers. The near future just got interesting.

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The young man I know from Bearden is up and walking around in his back yard with Mom in full PPE. Thus far, it doesn't look like he's spread it to the family. He's not out of the woods, but he may well be walking on that path. The mom stated that she's nursed a variety of illnesses in fifteen years with her three kids but has never seen anything like this. Stay safe and avoid this if at all possible.
Mask up. Football season is at stake.

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