Aug 28 2006
06:16 am

Comment spammers have discovered our site, so countermeasures have been installed.

Unregistered or not-logged-in users will now have to enter a verification code to post a comment, like you've seen on a gazillion other sites. The code is displayed as a graphic image at the bottom of the comment page. Registered users who are logged in will not have to enter the code.

(P.S. Memo to idiots running around town posting from various wi-fi hotspots under a variety of fake unregistered names using e-mail addresses of public officials: Please stop being a dick.)

Paul Witt's picture

I doubt that'll be enough. 

I doubt that'll be enough.  I have both a verification code and admin confirmation required on new accounts over on the Democracy for Knoxville site.  I still get 10-15 spammer registrations a day.  Most of which are from Russia.  They must actually pay people to surf the web and register their bogus accounts.

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