Nov 15 2017
12:15 pm

Politico: "Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) told reporters that five Democrats have signed on to his resolution to introduce five articles of impeachment against the president.

The Democrats charge that Trump obstructed justice when he fired FBI Director James Comey; that he has violated the Constitution’s emoluments clause by continuing to frequent and profit from his businesses; and that he has undermined the federal judiciary and freedom of the press."

"We’re calling upon the House to begin impeachment hearings," Cohen said. "It’s not a call for a vote. It’s a call for hearings."

Six Democrats demand Trump impeachment hearings

bizgrrl's picture

If only it could happen.

If only it could happen. However, Pence is scary for national issues.

R. Neal's picture

It's a damn sorry choice to

It's a damn sorry choice to have to make. Global thermonuclear war or taking food and health care away from poor people to pay for tax cuts for the rich.

bizgrrl's picture

Well, guess it's best to not

Well, guess it's best to not have thermonuclear war, food and healthcare may not matter so much.

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Trump will be impeached and

Trump will be impeached and be the first President to be convicted by the Senate after impeachment and removed. I am disgusted with the lack of guts of Republicans in Congress. They are spineless. I have to have some faith that Mueller and company will finally expose Trump and all of his lies and illegal activities and that gutless Republicans will finally have no choice but to turn on him. Pence is dishonest and corrupt. Hopefully he will be tossed out on his ass with Trump. Paul Ryan is awful, but anybody would be better than Trump or Pence. With a little luck, there might be new leaders in Congress after the 2018 elections, in that case, Ryan would not be in line to be Prez.

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Nobody in Congress can do what Mueller is about to do.

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Cohen's Move Still Has Merit

If it develops any legs on the national scene at all, then the Twitter Spitter's head might explode, just from the rejection. And then I'll take my chances with Pence.

Somebody's picture

Not yet

Sometimes its best not to ask a question until you are certain what the answer will be. Impeachment is one of those questions. Trying to initiate that process early just to get it out there and start a conversation only devalues its potential effectiveness when the case is truly ready. The Democrats need to keep their powder dry.

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