Sen. Lindsey Graham and Sen. Bill Cassidy will represent Republicans.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar will represent the Democratic-Farmer-Labor party, and Sen. Bernie Sanders will represent Democratic Socialists.

Apparently, no Democrats were invited.

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Could be a waste of

Could be a waste of time.

Hopefully it won't encourage the Republicans who are currently against the Graham-Cassidy bill to vote for it.

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The Democratic Farmer Labor Party is what the Democratic party is called in Minnesota. Elected officials are called DFLers instead of Democrats.

It's a quirk to the state. Both Vice President Hubert Humphrey and Vice President Walter Mondale were DFLers.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar is a mainline Democrat, just has a different party tag because she is from Minnesota.

Not saying anything about the show itself, decide for yourself. But it's a mistake to think the Democrats aren't included.

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Yeah, I know. I'm just

Yeah, I know. I'm just lamenting the demise of the Democratic Party at the hands of insurgents from within.

Don't know of any splinter Repubican-Oligarchy or Republican-Billionaire party members.

Republicans stick together and win. Democrats are going to screw around and let them win the Obamacare repeal fight, too.

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Yeah, don't worry. Amy

Yeah, don't worry. Amy Klobuchar will be there to make sure Graham and Cassidy have plenty of air to breathe while sucking up time from Sanders. She was probably picked by McConnell and Schumer over a "collegial" Cobb salad in the Senate cafeteria.

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What we're going to do.......

Is stand up for the common working man and insist on his dignity, safety, and economic freedom. As times change, so will the party.

Single payer, universal healthcare is coming. With or without so-called mainstream Democrats.

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I feel you. But what's going

I feel you. But what's going to happen this week is we are going to take health insurance away from 20 or 30 million working poor Americans.

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Perhaps the organizers

Perhaps the organizers thought that having easily folded politicians and folding chairs together was a liability.

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Would those be the same

Would those be the same folding politicians who gave us insurance with no exclusions for pre-existing conditions, no kicking anyone off for claims, statutory caps on deductibles and annual out of pocket costs, no lifetime caps on benefits, minimum required benefits, limits on insurance company profits, federally funded Medicaid expansion for the working poor, etc.?

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Hey, no dissing my girl Amy!

Hey, no dissing my girl Amy! :)

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Amy is doing very well. Too

Amy is doing very well. Too bad it gets so cold in Minnesota. I can't move there. She's the most reasonable person in the debate.

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She's the only SANE person on

She's the only SANE person on the stage.

Cassidy is the biggest liar since Trump. A remarkable achievement. Even Graham isn't buying his bullshit.

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Cassidy said he worked at a

Cassidy said he worked at a public hospital for the uninsured and most of his patients were Democrats.

Say what? How does he know that?

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I was watching The Vietnam

I was watching The Vietnam War on PBS, and thankfully had an excuse to miss this.

But WHAT? In the first place, I agree with bizgrrl - how does he know? In the second, what the hell is the relevance of that?

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Klobuchar for President.

Klobuchar for President.

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Graham's argument,

Graham's argument, Berniecare/Socialism, Berniecare/Socialism.

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Who could have predicted

Who could have predicted that!?

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salty centrists

gonna gripe and punch left, colour me suprised

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