ED. UPDATE: Tom Humphrey: Clinton Still Planning To Speak at TN Jackson Day

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With the Kennedy funeral scheduled for Saturday, it appears President Clinton and VP Gore may be cancelling their scheduled appearances at Jackson Day. I loved Ted Kennedy. Greatest Senator this country has ever had, in my book. But man, Saturday night in Nashville was gonna be fun. There's still hope they'll make it back. I'm sure the TNDP is holding out hope as well. They put together the best Jackson Day we've ever had. Kudos to Chip Forrester et al.

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How could they not make it?

It'd certainly be an understandable reason if they couldn't make it. But the flight from DC to Nashville is, what, one hour? And don't they both have private jets? It's not like they have to deal with checking luggage or going through security in the airport. Besides, aren't funerals usually held in the morning anyway?

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Private jets?

Surely Gore would not fly a private jet from DC to Nashville! That would do immense damage to the environment and make a huge contribution to global warming.

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By the way

Are y'all coming in for the big day? I'm driving back from St. Louis for the weekend so I'll be quite pissed if I don't get a good show.

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We were planning to, but

We were planning to, but unfortunately we aren't going to be able to make it after all. Y'all have fun, hope the Big Dog makes it.

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It's still on

According to Nashville Is Tweeting, the TNDP confirmed it:


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Yes they will be at Jackson Day and the funeral.

The funeral is in the morning, with President Obama giving the eulogy. The burial is in the evening, but is for the family at Arlington.

As of Thursday night, Clinton and Gore still plan on attending the dinner.

The exception is President Clinton's health, as he gets tired easily.

Other than that, I expect to see both of them Saturday night.

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