Jul 8 2014
10:49 am

"China by far going to shape the future of the whole planet"

From MSNBC …

Climate Report releases to UN today

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I keep hearing that,

but who's driving Chinese manufacturing?

If Americans would ever sign on to the efficiency movement in a "moonshot" kind of way, the Chinese would buy the products they'd be making for us.

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Links to report

Full report here

Executive summary here

Responding to climate change's write up here

To Improve Accuracy, BBC Tells Its Reporters To Stop Giving Air Time To Climate Deniers

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Kentucky Republican refutes global warming, citing Mars’ climate

From MSNBC …

The reason, according to alternative paper LEO Weekly, seems to be that since Mars and Earth have identical temperatures, Earth’s climate cannot possibly be the result of human activity.

This is hard to believe.

Smith sits on the Interim Joint Committee on Natural Resources and Environment and serves as Kentucky’s Republican majority whip.

According to NASA, the average temperature on Mars is -58 degrees Fahrenheit, while the average temperature on Earth is 58 degrees Fahrenheit.

Kentucky Republican refutes global warming, citing Mars’ climate

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Stupider than Dumb and Dumber fiction

This Republican stuff really doesn't surprise me anymore. Who could believe that the entire phenomenon of global warming is a hoax? By Al Gore?! Really??! He's become even more of a comedian punchline than Sarah Barraquitter.

And how about Joe Barton, who sits on the Energy and Environment subcommittees, saying that there's a finite amount of wind that could raise the planet's temperature if we use it up generating wind power!? That's every bit as stupid as Stephen Colbert saying that wind turbines will slow down the earth's rotation.

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