Jul 10 2021
09:54 am

After retiring we are cleaning out the house to rid ourselves of so much of our business remains. Among the 5 retired laptops we found, this is a Compaq Contura laptop from 1993. We believe it came with Windows 3. However,for the last couple of years we used it for a MS-DOS application only. It was Compaq's first attempt at making an affordable laptop. Sadly it will not boot up.

It weighs 7 lbs and is about the width/height of a current laptop, but is 1 and 1/2 inches thick. The screen is tiny at 7 inches wide.

Compaq1993 _B.jpg

Nearly 30 years old. Obviously we have too much stuff.

Another item we'll not force our relatives to sort through and toss.

bizgrrl's picture

Prior to this laptop we owned

Prior to this laptop we owned a Compaq luggable/portable, which was the size of a sewing machine.

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With a $1000 external 10MB

With a $1000 external 10MB hard drive. It was the size of a shoebox.

Now you can get a 2TB external hard drive for about $60.

My phone has a 256GB SD card that cost $35. It's about the size of a dime.

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