Jun 16 2008
09:07 am

Sandra Clark roasts the IDB: The IDB’s application review committee negotiated with itself to see who could offer them a better deal. Just one of many zingers, plus an update re. yet another strip mall TIF.

In other Halls Shopper News, Betty Bean dissects problems with a proposed sidewalk ordinance, Larry Van Guilder reports on commission's grant process do-over (noting that it will take commission 36 years to approve a budget if they submit it to the same level of scrutiny), and Nick Frantz covers the U.T. Audio and Speech Pathology program controversy.

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The Development Corporation

In the same article, Sandra quotes The Development Corporation/Superchamber President Mike Edwards as saying that TDC is not going to appeal the recent ruling by Chancellor Fansler that says that MPC and County Commission illegally changed the sector plan to rezone property for the proposed Midway industrial park.

Instead Edwards says that the East County sector plan is being updated and they "plan to work through the sector plan update" to accomplish their goals.

A letter by Attorney David Buuck to the 8th District Preservationists says in part:

What this should tell everyone is that TDC, IDB and the Chamber Partnership will be heavily involved with staff on amending the plan in their favor. It seems that Edwards believes that the new plan is pre-destined to include industrial parks at Midway Road. What does he know that we don’t know? It also tells me that the committee is simply "window dressing" by MPC to give the appearance of community input.

This is exactly what we have been concerned with when the MPC suddenly decided to change the sector plan update process to cut public input from a dozen or more meetings to two or three and to incorporate a "survey" that was mailed to East Knox businesses, but not residents.

Please stand with the Midway community - what happens in their community could impact yours the next time.

Is it right that a powerful few could have such a big impact on so many?

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That certainly seems

That certainly seems blatant, and a bit arrogant.

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Are option contracts to buy

Are option contracts to buy property public information? I came across this old post on Knoxviews....


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