Oct 31 2017
02:35 pm

This is from the Election Commission website, but apparently will not be posted next to the sample ballot at the polling stations.


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Early voting continues to be

Early voting continues to be very weak, and a few votes may decide the winners in more than one district.

knoxnews on the election

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Indeed. Election workers were

Indeed. Election workers were told yesterday there were about 3000 votes to date. It could be a very close race.

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I haven't followed all5 offices through the primary and now find myself pressed to know who to vote for tomorrow.

I'm looking for suggestions and resources. Greenways are important to me as are secure pensions, decent healthcare and living wages for city employees. I could give a shit if we have a reasonable tax increase for a comparable rise in services. I like the direction Rogero is taking this town.

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Check out "2017 City Council

Check out "2017 City Council Movement Knoxville" on Facebook.


Early voting ends Thursday, November 2. You can vote each day 10am-6pm at any early voting location (listed in a comment below). Don't risk waiting until election day--go vote now for a people-centered City Council in Knoxville!

Remember to write-in Amelia Parker, District 4 City Council Rep under the District 4 ballot.

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Check out the voter guide at vote411.org

Put in your address and "get personalized information on your ballot"

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Each candidate interview video

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Election issues, candidates and pundits

It would be outstanding if there was at least a post a day on this election on this forum until election day. Information is sparse and hard to find. Our paper of record doesn't seem to think this election matters. Candidates? Care to reach out? Pundits? Care to state your case?

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LWV guide... (link...)

LWV guide...


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That an excellent resource.

That an excellent resource.

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I have followed these races closely

I've followed these races closely and spoken with all the candidates. In my opinion, these are the best candidates:

District 1: Stephanie Welch
District 2: Andrew Roberto
District 3: Seema Perez
District 4: Lauren Rider
District 6: Gwen MacKenzie

This election has the potential to dramatically affect the direction of City Council. Five of nine seats are turning over. If you're generally happy with the direction the City has been headed in, these are the best candidates. I hope every eligible voter on this forum casts a ballot. As the primary in District 4 demonstrated, every vote counts.

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Endorsements by an anonymous

Endorsements by an anonymous poster carry no weight, at least with me.

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Oh good grief! Knoxgal has

Oh good grief! Knoxgal has been posting on here approximately forever. You've had plenty of time to judge her character and POV. It's not like somebody just showed up today.

Do you really hate everything?

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I offered my list as my opinion

I offered my list as my opinion. You can take it or leave it. I might be anonymous on KnoxViews, but I'd be willing to bet I know these candidates better than you and vice versa.

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Good choices/More information

I'm not anonymous (the j stands for John) and approve of your choices, though I did write in Amelia Parker.

Urban Guy has some recorded discussions with candidates on his WUTK show:


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I voted for everyone on your list.

I am not anonymous, the B stands for Becky.

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There are some good

There are some good candidates running, It is sad that the election will be decided by less than 10 percent of voters, maybe even less than 5 percent. I know it takes a little effort to find out about the candidates positions on issues in these low profile elections, but people need to get off their ass and vote. I have received three campaign mailings from Roberto at my Corryton address. With the lack of interest in the city, I understand trying to do everything possible to increase the turnout. I probably would have voted for him if I lived in the 2nd district but he could have used his resources better by focusing on voters there.

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