Jun 20 2013
12:27 pm

Noon today was the filing deadline for the City of Knoxville's 2013 City Council elections. Three candidates are unopposed.

Candidates filing petitions are:

  • District 1: Nick Pavlis (unopposed)
  • District 2: Duane Grieve (unopposed, Anthony Hancock had picked up a petition but did not file.)
  • District 3: Brenda Palmer (unopposed)
  • District 4: Nick Della Volpe, Roderick (Rick) Staples (Carl Lansden had also picked up a petition but did not file.)
  • District 6: Daniel Brown, Charles "Pete" Drew

The primary is Sept. 24, 2013.

sclark426's picture

$1,000 per vote

This election is going to cost a fortune per vote, especially with the costs of excessive early voting added in. Hope the election commission curtails the early voting (if it can). -- s.

Somebody's picture

The cost of early voting

The cost of early voting should not be considered solely in the context of a single, local election. When you do that, it sounds like a reasonable idea to cut way back on the number of locations and the number of days when early voting is available.

We should remember, however, the shenanigans that went on during the last Presidential election, with regard to early voting. There were concerted efforts, particularly in states under Republican control, to cut back on the locations, days and hours available for early voting. In those cases, it was transparently not about the "expense" of the thing. Rather, it was about reducing opportunities for typically Democratic-voting constituencies to get to the polls. Fortunately, in many cases the attempts were thwarted by the courts, and in others, voters got the picture and made it a point to hold their place in line for hours, just to make sure they could cast their vote. They shouldn't have to do that, however.

So yes, early voting in this one City Council election will probably be quite expensive, when considered against the number of voters who come to the polls. Fiddling around with it for that reason, however, will create precedent for fiddling around with it again during more vigorously contested races, when doing so can be used to strategically discourage voter turnout. I would rather pay a high price in tax dollars for this small election than suffer the high cost of voter disenfranchisement later.

R. Neal's picture

It should also be noted that

It should also be noted that Knox Co. was in line for a pilot project (and I believe there was funding) to implement "convenience voting," in which the entire election right up to and including election day is run the same as early voting.

Instead, we are on the path to "inconvenience voting."

Mike Cohen's picture

Early voting

Sandra is right. Early voting has just made campaigns more expensive, which favors the incumbent.

I think the early voting period is defined by the state, but the cost of the early many locations are open, for probably defined locally.

And I could totally be wrong about it.

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