Nov 15 2008
11:48 am
By: reform4  shortURL

Went to the west store this am to burn a gift card before they shut the store. It turn out all three are stores are staying open!

What was MORE interesting was that as I quickly looped the store, I was apprached by SIX sales associates (not pushy) asking if they could help me. This is a far cry from the last two years, when you had to beg someone to ring you up

If this is a national trend at CC, they might be a good stock market bargain.

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Where is the third store?

Where is the third store? Knoxville only has two-next to Target in East Knoxville and the one near Cedar Bluff.

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There's a store in Alcoa.

There's a store in Alcoa. (Just opened this year.) Is that the one?

Here's the list of stores they are closing:


Not sure I'd recommend them as an investment. They were delisted after filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy this week:


(But I do like their stores better than I used to. It's also nice to be able to check in-store inventory online, order something, and go pick it up at customer service. I guess Best Buy does this, too, but that's a long drive for me.)

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I was apprached by SIX sales

I was apprached by SIX sales associates (not pushy) asking if they could help me.

I had a similar experience at the Alcoa store.

While driving there, I was shocked to see Neil Sandler closing. It looked as if there were only ten vehicles left in their whole lot. It's not looking good folks. I hope Obama can straighten this crap out and instill some confidence in the consumer and get us headed in the right direction again. It's not going to be an easy task.

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lessons in financial (advice) futility

reform4 wrote, regarding Circuit City: "...If this is a national trend at CC, they might be a good stock market bargain."

Please, Steve, stay away from economic, financial and investment advice. And legal advice. It doesn't matter if Circuit City gives free BJs and car washes with each gift card redeemed, the ownership rights of the shareholders are going to assumed by the bondholders. That's what happens in Chapter 11 reorganization. The equity is worthless. Zero. Nada.

Nice try, though.

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Didn't know about the Chapter 11

I didn't see that they were in reorganization, I had only seen a headline about the 150+ stores closing. I've been purposely not looking at the financial section these days, it's too depressing.

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