Jun 17 2010
09:10 am

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Above is one of the more amusing clips from a documentary by MSNBC's Chris Matthews called "Rise of the New Right." The hour-long documentary examines the relationship between the tea party movement and a resurgence of militia groups, "oath keepers," and extreme right wing punditry, going back to its roots in the McCarthy era. Folks paying attention know most of this, but it's a fascinating and disturbing look at this not-so-new political phenomenon.

You can watch it online at the Chris Matthews Hardball website. I'm sure there will be repeats, so check your local listings or Tivo/DVR.

WhitesCreek's picture

Crazier than we believed

Crazier than we believed possible.

Andy Axel's picture

Actually, I think this

Actually, I think this movement still hasn't quote hit bottom.

Every time you think that the moment has come, they manage to dig out a crawl space under the all-time low.

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