Sep 11 2017
02:24 am

Pretty big move.

The country, home to the world's largest auto market, is working on a plan to ban the production and sale of vehicles that rely on fossil fuels, officials say.

He warned carmakers they need to adjust their strategies to the changing situation, according to state-run Chinese news agency Xinhua.

Authorities will offer subsidies of as much as half the retail price of electric and some hybrid vehicles to help buoy production, Xinhua reported, citing an official from the Chinese Finance Ministry.

China wants to ban gas and diesel cars

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Again as I wrote in an

Again as I wrote in an earlier post about American car companies building cars in China,this is the reason Cadillac is building their plug in hybrid CT6 in China.

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Great Britain has already passed a ban on gasoline and diesel cars, in July, effective 2040.

EDIT: Ah, I now see your link mentions it. And that France, India, and Norway have also passed bans already. Shoulda read it through first...

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