Dec 3 2008
10:26 am

More "he said, she said" details spill over on to the front page of the business section.

The article quotes a former business partner who was heading up the management group looking to take over the operation as saying Cherrie's owner Ingrid Gee "has apparently walked away and left minority owners, banks, creditors and employees hanging in the lurch and she's starting a new venture using cafe resources."

Gee says it's former business partner Joe Dickey's fault for not raising promised financing. In the article, Dickey says "From the beginning, she was having financial trouble. She was given several opportunities (to get funding) and basically refused."

Previously: Cherrie's Internet Cafe gone sour

UPDATE: Metro Pulse has more. (And apparently Joe Tarr is back!)

UPDATE: Joe Powell notes inconsistencies in various press reports.

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This lady takes the cake.

This lady takes the cake. She owes beau coups of money, has lawsuits pending and runs off to start another business? She says in the KNS comments,"Joe Dickey owned 6% of the Cherries Internet Cafe in exchange for services "in kind", specifically these services "in kind" were as a business advisor." Then the MP article says, "According to Gee, the partnership was structured with Gee having 86 percent ownership and Dickey having 14. "

Someone can't seem to get their stories straight.

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I done been took!

It's a hard candy Christmas around here thanks to Gee's lack of attention to truth. Not only did she short employees their pay, what she did pay them she forgot to do the tax and s.s. on after deducting it. I hope the truth comes out and she is wearing an orange jump suit in the bowels of the city/county building.

Trying to not make matters worse.

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Bump with update from Joe

Bump with update from Joe Powell:


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