Aug 24 2013
11:13 am

This could prove interesting, but I doubt it will amount to much. The legislature would quickly "fix" any issues should they arise. [h/t]

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Amending the state

Amending the state constitution isn't exactly a "quick fix." It takes several years, plus a statewide vote.

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Did you follow the link?

The issue is about the charter school law [specifically funding] and its constitutionality. Don't underestimate your legislators willingness to fund charter school expansion out of state coffers.

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Harwell is seeking an opinion

Harwell is seeking an opinion on the constitutional question. Just to be clear, the issue is that the charter law "seems to impose increased costs on local governments with no offsetting subsidy from the state." If this goes anywhere, we could have quite the battle on our hands. However, I'd be surprised if much comes of it. The most likely outcome is that the state would fix the funding formula so as to share the costs. Support for charters remains strong in Nashville.

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