Sep 4 2008
08:30 pm

We have processed 18,837 on the white petition.
14,543 are valid.
That is 22.77% rejection rate.

This is 39.67% of the needed number.

bill young's picture

kinda complicated


I dont know if these proposals will get on the ballot but if they do the proposals are pretty long & I think kinda complicated.

I'm afraid voters could get confused in the ballot box & start reading them all & really take long time to vote.

I know folks in line may get impatient with a voter taking a real long time to vote BUT these are very important issues & its just hard to "move it along" if a voter is truely trying to be sure they vote the way they want to.

With a good chance 200,000 will vote in this election do you have any ideas on how to "move it along" without making a voter feel
rushed while making these important decisions??

Bill Young

Tamara Shepherd's picture

Complicated, yes

Bill, your observation raises a point I thought of making over at the KNS site, except that I tire of being flogged there by yahoos...

KCP volunteers have taken some flak for their comments designed to stop potential signers to speak with them, but how to succinctly paraphrase *multiple* involved charter amendments in 25 words or less???

These ARE complicated concepts, and inter-related ones in some instances, too (as in appoint fee offices BUT commission must approve AND commission may remove ALSO IG is looking over shoulder of all).

Personally, these criticisms have had me banging my head against the wall. Nobody wanted things to unfold this way, least of all KCP...

Greg Mackay's picture

Long ballots

Long ballots mean long lines.

1.Read the sample ballot before you vote.

2.Vote early.

3.If you are over 65 request an absentee ballot and vote at home by mail.

4.Did I mention vote early?

I hope you will read the most current Petition Progress Report. I sent this sketchy report in a hurry. It gives the wrong impression about the process.

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