According to data from "Verra Mobility, the parent company of American Traffic Solutions, which collects data from 2,000 red-light cameras for municipalities throughout the country", westbound Chapman Highway at the Stone Road intersection is the 9th riskiest intersection in the country for people blowing through red lights.

"The number of people killed when someone plowed through a light rose 31% to 939 in 2017, a 10-year high, according to a recent study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety."

A comprehensive 40-page final report summarizing the Chapman Highway Implementation Plan indicates that left-turn lanes will be constructed at the Chapman Hwy/Stone Road intersection. At some point the intersection would become a "protected intersection", separated bike lane and sidewalks, shared-used trails (greenway).The plan also includes the creation of a pedestrian crossing at Stone Road, Might make people a little over confident considering this is a really bad intersection for people running red lights.

If this intersection is a bad as being reported, then there should be something more done to stop people from blowing through the red lights.

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Red light camera?

Red light camera?

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Thought they might already

Thought they might already have one since the source of the data was from red light cameras. Maybe not.

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Yes, there's a camera there.

Yes, there's a camera there. Here's a list of all the camera sites in the city: (link...).

Since they can only measure intersections where they have cameras, that's a pretty narrow dataset to declare anything "riskiest in the country." I wonder how many of those violations happen late at night. I can imagine people rolling up, seeing nobody at Stone, and just rolling through.

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Yes, it's from red light

Yes, it's from red light cameras made by this particular company.

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Thought so. Still not a very

Thought so. Still not a very good stat. Maybe they need rumple strips coming down the hill.

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Chapman/Stone Road intersection

I drive through this intersection regularly. Heading west (towards town) coming down the hill toward Stone Road, the grade is steep enough that you have to watch your speed in case the light turns yellow as you approach the intersection. Many times, I have to bow up to stop, as I do not wish to get a ticket from the red light camera.

If I have a large vehicle on my rear bumper as I approach the intersection, I have to consider the following:

1.) Can the large vehicle behind me stop as quickly as I can?

2.) If not, will I be hit and knocked into or through the intersection?

3.) Are there any vehicles waiting to pull out onto the highway that would be hit if I choose to run through the red light?

Due to the steep grade on Chapman Highway, I can't imagine what can be done to reduce the number of drivers blowing through the intersection. Maybe lowering the speed limit through the area is the answer, but it might have to be lowered down to 30/35 mph, which seems like it could make traffic crawl through there. However, I can attest that if one is driving the current speed limit, which I think is 45, it can be difficult to get stopped in time if the light changes as you get near the intersection.

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Thanks. Clearly reducing the


Clearly reducing the speed limit is a possibility.

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Speed limits

You'd be surprised how much a caution zone with flashing yellow lights and a 5mph speed limit reduction helps.

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Just to save everyone some potential money, you do not have to pay those fines. It says very clearly on the ticket that no legal penalties will happen, your insurance rates will not go up, and your credit score is unaffected. Tennessee law makes these tickets absolutely worthless, and the city only gets like $5 a ticket anyway. The rest of your money is literally being thrown away and sent to a private corporation.

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