Dec 4 2012
10:53 am

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According to the JWP Extension TDOT Draft EIS,

"The No-Build Alternative would not be expected to have measurable impacts to the local or regional economies compared to baseline conditions. However, continued increases in traffic congestion on Chapman Highway, and other local roads in the area used as secondary routes to avoid the congested areas, would result in increased travel times, higher operating expenses, and potential increased crash rates in the area, which could affect local commuters and businesses."

Looking at the above TDOT Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) counts (source), it doesn't appear there is an appreciable increase in traffic except in the Seymour area. In fact, traffic appears to be down significantly from 1996-1998 highs. And, the extension/bypass would impact Chapman Highway businesses according to the DEIS.

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Also, I'm puzzled where they

Also, I'm puzzled where they get that Henley Bridge figure for 2011. Wasn't it closed on Jan. 3, 2011?

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Nice analysis! That's that

Nice analysis! That's that whole "purpose and need" getting shot down.

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It looks like the JWP bridge

It looks like the JWP bridge is it's lowest level of usage in 2010 and 2011 in 10 years. I would think with Henley closed that would have increased some.

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Slightly off-topic, but this

Slightly off-topic, but this came in yesterday from James Howard Kunstler's Clusterf**k Nation blog:

Even if the so-called economy were "recovering," the people of the USA would be stuck in a physical setting for daily life that has no future - the nightmare infrastructure of subdivision houses, strip malls, and WalMarts, all rigged up for incessant motoring. Of course, the so-called economy is not recovering because there is no more cheap oil. If oil ever gets cheap again, it will be because nobody has enough money to pay for it and surely you can connect the dots to what that hamster wheel of futility means.

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American leaders, both sides,

American leaders, both sides, are always going to manipulate energy prices one way or the other.

Think about what a 50 cent gas spike does to overall consumer confidence. People freak out.

I'm convinced if Americans got a look at non-subsidized petro, we'd be looking at social collapse. This, and big oil jack, keep politicos from rocking the boat.

If we had US citizen oriented leaders, "energy" would be the new NASA combined with the WPA. Unfortunately, our leaders are more oriented to their own standing, and who keeps them there, than they are the people they represent.

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Seymour growth

Should we surmise Seymour's growth of offerings is keeping people from going to "town" to get what they need? (using city & county numbers, not the nonsensical Henley)

Could the same not happen to all the remaining rural parts of Chapman? If so, JWP would accomplish nothing. And it can't be billed as a GSMNP/Pigeon Forge gateway, HWY 66 and the planned I-140 completion would render Chapman useless as a corridor.

The starting point on this project shouldn't be a 40 year idea. Too much has changed.

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John Sevier and Alcoa Hwy

Doe anyone remember what year the John Sevier and Alcoa Hwy intersection was improved? I'm assuming that might have shifted some Bonny Kate area traffic over to Alcoa Hwy.

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JWP/SK Bridge

When was it opened? Seems like it was since I got here in 1992, but there are traffic counts going back to 1985.

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When was it opened? Seems

When was it opened? Seems like it was since I got here in 1992, but there are traffic counts going back to 1985.

Looked it up earlier but I already forgot. Think it was sometime around '84.

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Those may be accurate, but

Those may be accurate, but the 2011 Henley bridge numbers make me wonder where the counting device was located. South side of Blount Ave intersection?

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The map dot for the Henley

The map dot for the Henley Bridge station is out over the Tennessee River with nothing under it.

Some of the traffic feeding the Henley Bridge numbers may have been coming from Blount Ave. (counts not posted). There was also a station on Martin Mill feeding into Chapman after the "city" station that was a little farther out, I think.

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It also seems the Chapman

It also seems the Chapman (city) and Henley stats would be closer over the years.

Would 1998 be tied to UT football games related activity that year?

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Football games

I was thinking the same thing. It looks almost like Chapman highway traffic stats parallel the success (or in some cases optimistic perception of success) of the Vols.

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Therefore, If the football

Therefore, If the football coach has problems, Chapman may be turned into a greenway. Should statistics support it.

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I suppose

I suppose it could be done that way. It wouldn't hurt to bring it up at a meeting and run it up the flagpole.

jbr's picture

As sometimes happens, my

As sometimes happens, my comedic genius may have gone unrecognized.

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I thought it was a dry wit contest.

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Not sure how relevant this

Not sure how relevant this is, but stumbled across it looking around and thought I would share.

Fatality Analysis Reporting System


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Happened Back on the Traffic Counts

It appears the vehicle count on the SKB doubled between 2001 and 2003. Does anyone recall if that coincides with the construction of student apartments in South Knoxville?

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