Demoted because she made Haslam angry?


In October 2017, Davenport announced her decision to opt out of a proposed plan to outsource facilities management, saying it was "not the best option" for the university campus after having conversations and receiving "volumes" of mail form people concerned about the issue. Davenport's five-year projections on the back of that decision indicated an additional $3.3 million in savings. The United Campus Workers group thanked Davenport for her decision.

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Some punishment then. She's

Some punishment then. She's being "demoted" to full tenured professor at a salary of $438,750.

Wish I could get fired like that.

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So I guess the promise was to

So I guess the promise was to let each campus decide about outsourcing, not to let them do it without being punished.

See outsourcing at UT next year.

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No inside knowledge here, but

No inside knowledge here, but my gut says outsourcing, too. Charming Billy loves outsourcing – state parks, state prisons, state employees and office buildings, UT campus workers, charter schools.


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Man, I'm sorry to hear that.

Man, I'm sorry to hear that.

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Outsourcing, plus she went

Outsourcing, plus she went against Haslams on the AD/football coach situation.

Haslam is probably also looking for people to punish for not being able to stack the new board. Not sure of her involvement, probably none directly, but the push for outsourcing was one of the issues legislators had with Haslam's picks.

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P.S. we are once again a

P.S. we are once again a national embarrassment.

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When it rains it pours

When it rains it pours ...


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She was obviously fired. This

She was obviously fired. This has happened before.

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Yes, the article says she was

Yes, the article says she was fired.

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University of Tennessee

University of Tennessee College Democrats facebook page:

Statement on Chancellor Davenport's firing:

The College Democrats of the University of Tennessee at its flagship school in Knoxville condemns the actions by President Joe DiPietro to fire Chancellor Beverly Davenport.

Chancellor Davenport has been a champion for the students and workers at the University since she arrived a little over a year ago. She fought to help keep the University from outsourcing jobs on campus. She has fought to help maintain diversity centers across this campus when our own state abandoned us. Her support and help has brought in generous donations to fund the Pride center on campus. A center that continues to be a place for all LGBTQ+ students to gather despite the state being adamantly against it. Chancellor Davenport has kept in mind those students who are not always heard.

The Torchbearer's motto is, "One that beareth a torch, shadoweth oneself to give light to others." Chancellor Davenport has been a Torchbearer to all at a time when the State legislature and Governor has endlessly attacked the University's independence, and its most vulnerable students.

The University, and President Joe DiPietro should be ashamed and embarrassed for the termination of Chancellor Davenport. The University cannot continue to operate at the State's wishes when the student's voices are often ignored.

The students and faculty had the fullest of confidence in Chancellor Davenport. Those such as the State legislature, who micromanage the campus from outside its boundaries are those who did not have confidence in her.

Today, at 6 o'clock, join students at the rock as we stand in solidarity with Beverly Davenport. We would also like to thank Beverly Davenport for all the work she has done for this University, and wish her the best as she begins this new journey.
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My favorite part of this

From DiPietro's letter terminating Davenport:

4. Your one on one, small group, and business transactional communication skills are very poor. I have had multiple people on multiple occasions complain that you do not listen to the person talking to you or pay attention to the details of written communications you receive. I also have received multiple complaints from multiple people about your ability to communicate orally. These complaints are consistent with my personal experience....

Effective July 1, 2018, in accordance with the terms of your appointment letter dated December 6, 2016, your appointment will be converted from your current administrative appointment as Chancellor to your full-time faculty appointment as Professor, with tenure, in the School of Communication Studies.

Seems like there's an old saw about this...

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Yes, and that's not the most

Yes, and that's not the most well-crafted letter. At least throw in a few hyphens. Or why not just say "people skills"? Someone should do a Harbrace markup of it.

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Wayne Davis named interim

Wayne Davis named interim chancellor...


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DePietro knocked this one out of the park!

Best choice they could have made. Heckuva guy. Well-liked at TCOE, by faculty, administrators, and students. Extremely competent in his field. Great administrator. Terrific leader. He bleeds orange. He'll bridge the gap and be a steadying hand, for certain. But the poor man was going to retire in June (I believe) and was really looking forward to it (a search committee has narrowed down the choices for his replacement to external candidates). Sounds like the Tickle College of Engineering will now get an interim dean though, to replace Davis, at least for a couple of months.

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Austerity is hitting

Austerity is hitting universities across the country, part of the death throes of capitalism. Anyone stepping in the way will be eliminated.

Check out Montana, for example.

Or Wisconsin.

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from the progressive

from the progressive press:


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