Nov 16 2008
12:58 pm

The Downtown North Association is pleased to announce an open planning session to discuss the potential for North Central Street. The session will be facilitated by Mark Schimmenti of the UT College of Architecture and Design and is open to all parties interested in envisioning the future for this historic corridor.

Meetings will be held at the old White Store 1208 N Central St.

Opening Kick-off Friday, November 21 6-7:30pm
Planning Session Saturday, November 22 10am-12:15pm

The mission of the Downtown North Association is to promote and advance Downtown North as a historic and unique neighborhood.

The core values are to encourage responsible development and engage policymakers, residents, business owners, private investors, and the public at large in the mission.

Joe328's picture

No Bright Lights!

I wish the planners would follow the guide for designing the lighting. Downtown Knoxville was never this bright in the 60s.

sugarfatpie's picture

here here

That infernal pink glow at night from all the streetlights is just gross.

-Sugarfatpie (AKA Alex Pulsipher)

"X-Rays are a hoax."-Lord Kelvin

Tennessee Jed's picture

I am very impressed with the

I am very impressed with the work done in the Happy Holler area. I hope the best for one of Knoxville's sweet spots of commerce, while hopefully keeping the Wal-Mart at bay.
Trying to not make matters worse.

michael kaplan's picture

"while hopefully keeping the

"while hopefully keeping the Wal-Mart at bay."

the city should be more forthcoming about its plans for the development (or re-development, if you will) of the I-275 corridor, the planning of a new frontage road along I-275 to the west of north central street, and intentions (if there are any) of attracting big-box retail to that area. i've asked this question several times and have never received an answer.

Joe328's picture

Big-box stores

Big-box stores have proven to be a failure especially when receiving TIFs or other taxpayer funds. Communities that have kept the big-box stores out seem to have better local economies.

I never understood using taxes from the mom and pop stores to fund the opening of another business. Which bankrupts the mom and pop stores. I always shop at locally owned stores whenever possible.

Tennessee Jed's picture

re: Big-Box Stores

Then they repay us by sending the bulk of their profits out of the area all the while paying the lowest possible wage to their employees.
Trying to not make matters worse.

sugarfatpie's picture

And how about a greenway along second creek?

Isn't there a plan to do that?
If not there should be.

-Sugarfatpie (AKA Alex Pulsipher)

"X-Rays are a hoax."-Lord Kelvin

Bill Lyons's picture

City Process in Downtown North

The City has focused its first efforts in Downtown North on Central, especially in the Happy Holler area. The first stages of implementation - with changes on the street itself should be visible by the end of the year. The City's support for projects like N. Central Village (using TIF financing) and the facade program throughout the Broadway-Central area are starting to show results.

There has been extensive discussion and public process regarding Downtown North and we will follow this weekend's discussion with interest. A conscious decision was made to work with existing businesses, neighborhoods, and the public to begin our work on reworking Central Street, beginning implementation with the road diet / complete street approach recommended in MPC 's I275 Central Street Corridor Study conducted in 2007.

The same study also identified the I275 corridor as having “vacant and severely underutilized land immediately adjacent to the Interstate system." We have done some preliminary functional work to assess the feasibility of connecting Blackstock to Marion St. to give a continuous connection between seventeenth street and Baxter Ave. The concept looks promising.

At this point it has not gone any further. The next step would be to engage various local agencies, stakeholders, and the public to see what is desirable and doable along the entire second street corridor. This is a long--term project that will involve major open public process before decisions are made. This study also recommends a greenway along the second creek valley corridor. If you would like to see this study, along with all other material related to Downtown North please see (link...) .

MDB's picture

Warding off Wal-Mart

keeping the Wal-Mart at bay.

Doesn't that require a crucifix? Or at least some mart-bane?

"I'm not a member of any organized political party. I'm a Democrat." -- Will Rogers

Pam Strickland's picture

Bill, No Wal-Mart,


No Wal-Mart, please.

Pam Strickland

"We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be." ~Kurt Vonnegut

Bill Lyons's picture

Nothing is happening yet!

Pam, just to be clear, that has been no discussion whatsoever of any Walmart or anything else, for that matter, along such a road. If one is to be constructed there will be more than ample time for any potential uses, designs, etc. to be given a full airing. I encourage everyone to explore the area today, parallel to the Interstate, along Richards St. to see what we are talking about. As the core of the city gets more and more attention we have to be serious about finding ways to provide connectivity, and jobs, in locations such as this one.

jbr's picture

Living wage calculator for

Living wage calculator for Knoxville

Wal-Mart hourly wage survey

Lowes hourly rate

Home Depot hourly rate

I assume these wages would adjust downward for Knoxville. Since our cost of living is lower than national average.

Some poverty statistics for Knoxville


Census data from 2003.

You can do your own interpretation of the impact of big box development. If any.

edens's picture

WTF? How did this become a

WTF? How did this become a wal-mart thread?

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