Feb 25 2008
12:47 pm

CBS 60 Minutes ran their story last night about the alleged political persecution of Alabama Governor Don Siegelman. The Bush Administration had pressured CBS to kill it. Residents of Huntsville, Alabama, missed it completely.

WHNT-TV apologized and blamed the dark screen on a "techincal (sic) problem with CBS out of New York." CBS News denies any such problem.

WHNT is owned by Oak Hill Capital Partners. Oak Hill is owned by the Bass Brothers, 'Pioneer Level' fund raisers for both Bush campaigns.

In related news, Pakistan has blocked access to You Tube. One or more videos on the site were deemed blasphemous.

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Homeland Security

It was probably a Homeland Security issue that Huntsville not see this tape. :{

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Was no one else struck by

Was no one else struck by that woman's account that Karl Rove tried to pay her to get pictures of Siegelman with another woman?

That creep had a White House security clearance, after all.

Brian A.
I'd rather be cycling.

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