Sep 16 2018
03:27 pm

There is major flooding in North Carolina from Hurricane (now Tropical Depression) Florence's continuing rains. Some areas have received over 30 inches.

We were just watching a CNN report from Fayetteville. The Cape Fear River has risen dramatically in the last 48 hours and continues to rise. The National Weather Service predicts it will crest on Tuesday and remain over flood stage until Friday:


The river level is expected to reach 62.3 feet with discharge of 95,600 cfs. According to USGS data, normal is about 12 to 14 feet and 3000 to 4000 cfs. The record was 68.9 feet in 1945. It reached 63.5 feet in 1929. This is major, historical flooding. And it's not just this river. Every stream in the affected area will have similar conditions.

Entire towns are cut off and stranded. I-95 is closed through North Carolina, as are most roads in the affected areas. The governor has told the public not to come there and to go around through Tennessee and Georgia. The National Guard and other emergency responders are having difficulty getting personnel and equipment in, and fuel supplies are running low. Water rescues are underway all over the affected areas where possible. Hundreds have been rescued and hundreds more are awaiting help.

This is a major disaster and the immediate situation will not improve for several days. It's hard to imagine how long recovery will take.

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I-40 at Murrayville, NC, is

I-40 at Murrayville, NC, is also closed.

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