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Medicare for all

It seems to me that the polling numbers for medicare for all, specifically Bernies plan, seem to be mirroring Bernies results. Carville and a lot of these other pundits seem to be wanting to make this election about personality and empty rhetoric. It's not. Speaking just for me, I'm stuck in a job I hate because my pension's future is uncertain and my wife won't have health insurance for five years if I do retire. I need policy change. I need a return on my tax investment.

You guys tell me who is speaking up for me. Who am I supposed to vote for to represent my interests? I see a lot of old rich white people telling me what to fear. I don't see a whole lot of old rich white people coming up with solutions. Sanders and Warren both have written books dealing with detailed policy plans. When better plans are put on the table, I will consider them.

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Well said. And we really

Well said. And we really didn't get much out of Carville's candidate except "Don't ask, don't tell," NAFTA, the bombing of Serbia, and "Three strikes, you're out."

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And Ruth Bader Ginsburg

And a budget surplus

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... and the Department of

... and the Department of Labor under Robert Reich initiated an investigation of the University of Tennessee for gender discrimination. This indirectly led to salary equity for Pat Summitt, and the hiring of the School of Architecture's first female dean.

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Speaking of Warren....

Which far to few people do, in my opinion,


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South Carolina


I'm looking at a bigger picture and wondering if the Demns are ahead or behind the game.

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My issue

I want the internet to work like it's supposed to and not slow down to a Max Headroom commercial every time the Vols play or the Super Bowl is on.

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The reality issue.

How much time will the next president have to spend rebuilding and rebalancing the diplomatic, intelligence and judicial systems?

Hey look! Is that Joe?

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Regardless of this outcome,
America needs you on this team.
We will have four years to reform and rebuild.
By fall,
We may have a quorum in the Senate.
But we need an experienced man of action.
And you are he.
This nation is unprepared for a pandemic.
The executive branch is going to have to restaff.
We need you on the team Joe.
Talk to Elizabeth.

Edit: P.S.
I'm titling this
"A poem about Joe."

It's in honor of Joe winning the part of the debate I got to listen to. I missed the fight at the start.

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Right now,

I'm far more worried about whether the republicans can keep this train wreck rolling into November without crashing it into oblivion than I am about who wins the Democratic primary. It's not just about who's president. Our primary candidates should be our executive branch. And this nation should expect them to put their differences aside, and govern.

We'll probably have to offer free school to retool and replace government scientists. We'll probably going to need to pay them.

We will have to rebuild a rural/regional Hospital system should pandemics become an issue.

I just did the math and so far this virus has a 3.4% death rate. Figure there's 1500 people working at the City/County building. A year from the time the virus was introduced, 50.6 of those people have deceased. (The .6 is Ellen from accounting. She's hanging in there, but we just don't know if she's going to make it.) 3.4% is a huge death rate.

A lot can happen in between now and November.

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Our primary candidates should

Our primary candidates should be our executive branch.

that's an interesting idea.

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If you look at it

It's kinda the way they did it to begin with.

There was much work to be done then too.

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A friend PMed me this today.


Seems to me everyone is moving in the same direction. Would it be too much to ask to ask that everyone running commit to serving?

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machinations of a rotted party

“WILLIAM OWEN, a Tennessee-based Democratic National Committee member backing an effort to use so-called superdelegates to select the party’s presidential nominee — potentially subverting the candidate with the most voter support — is a Republican donor and health care lobbyist.”


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Bernie already got the rules

Bernie already got the rules changed on superdelegates. Play by the rules. Or keep moving the goalposts. Whatever. Bernie sounds more and more like Trump every day.

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you have MSNBC brain

turn off the TV

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So, Bernie didn't lobby to

So, Bernie didn't lobby to change the rules so superdelegates couldn't vote on the first ballot?

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you’re playing games

he lobbied to remove them entirely! that they still exist is the result of compromise. in any case, you intentionally misdirect to your obfuscatory talking points “bernie made the rules” when i simply posted a link to the fong article examining the background and motivation of one superdelegate & coming on the heels of related pieces published in NYT & elsewhere.

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Your arguments are

Your arguments are persuasive. I'd like to subscribe to your newsletter.

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you are the one who started “arguing”

i just shared a link because it seemed interesting *shrug*

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Bye, troll.

Bye, troll.

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There's always the SWP.

There's always the SWP. Better fit anyway.

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We are year(s) away from a vaccine for the coronavirus, it will be paid for by American taxpayers and denied to those who cannot afford whatever price our government deems fair to big business.

I don't know if we can fight this disease without universal healthcare.

I watched Outbreak last night. It's somewhat an overview of the process on how this sort of stuff is handled. I can't figure out if this is a class 2 or class 3 outbreak. Mortality rate is currently estimated at 2.3%. That better than the original raw numbers would indicate, but up from the original 1% number that was originally being thrown around.

There is evidence that one can catch it twice.

When comparing healthcare plans of candidates, speed of implementation as well as the total amount of citizens covered should probably be considered.

If indeed there is a 24 day incubation period in which one is contagious without showing symptoms, this outbreak will present unique challenges that will call for bold decisions.

Examine you candidates healthcare plan as if your life depends on it. To fight a disease like this, we may all have to be rowing in the same direction.

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Sounds like I better

Sounds like I better buy more toilet paper. I’ve already stocked up once.

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You sound like a wise woman.

I'm thinking triple stocking. Thirty bucks vs. peace of mind? Pay the thirty. Live with confidence. Move on.

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Didn't mean to veer off in a different direction, but found a Tim Burchett post playing politics with funding rather disturbing.

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This was four weeks ago. The world's changed.

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