Mar 28 2006
08:21 am
By: R. Neal  shortURL

White House Chief of Staff Card to Resign

One less joker in the deck. The rats are scuttling.

FLASHBACK: Two days ago:

Q: You don't see any shake-up coming?

THE VICE PRESIDENT: I'm not in the business of making predictions. The President hasn't indicated he plans to make any changes.

FLASHBACK: Two weeks ago:

Q: The calls from the current senators, and even former senators, from what we understand, to change the staffing, expand it, if not swap out, is there anything to it? Are any staff changes at the White House imminent?

MR. McCLELLAN: Jim, let me speak very clearly to this. This is part of the inside Washington babble that goes on in this town. It's part of the parlor game. We are focused on the priorities that the American people care most about and getting things done. We are focused on helping the President advance his agenda, to make America safer and more prosperous. There are a lot of important priorities we're working to advance, and we're working to advance, and we're working to build upon a record of great accomplishment. And that's where our focus is.

"Jim, let me speak very clearly to this." Say what? Sounds more like some of that "babble" to me.

P.S. If the GOP leadership wants a change at the White House to improve their chances in November, articles of impeachment would be a good start.

Skidwell's picture

Look for the buck to stop at

Look for the buck to stop at Card's doorstep. This guy's knees will buckle from the load that will be heaped on him.This probably won't be the the only scapegoat that emerges between now and election time. 

Rachel's picture

"Jim, let me speak very

"Jim, let me speak very clearly to this." Followed by 2 minutes of meandering off-the-subject bullshit.

That's our Scottie.  He maked me long for the days of Ari Fleischer.

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