IdleNoMore movement spreads across Canada like the Eighth Fire.

Parliament so close, yet so far from the people -Chief Theresa Spence

Revolutions are never started by frightened little men with closets full of AR-15s, but by "bodies upon the gears" with "determination thick as mineral rich soil negotiations."

Merry Christmas!

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interactive map by Tim groves, click for info

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Harper to meet with Chief

Harper to meet with Chief Spence Jan 11. (link...)

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The transformation of North

The transformation of North America into the Saudi Arabia of natural gas is going to be, if you haven't noticed, a long and dirty fight that will involve a lot more than Harper vs. Spence or Obama vs. Keystone XL.

Harper thinks he has delivered a knockout punch to end the Thunder in Thunder Bay, and he may have, but coincidentally a 13-year court battle has just ended giving him 600,000 more "Indians" to deal with, officially.

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