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Republican Ashley Nickloes is the only woman in a seven-way primary race to fill a congressional seat held by one family for five decades. She’s also the only military pilot in the race, running against a litany of odds, including the strong possibility that she’ll lose to a popular career politician who hunts Bigfoot and made it easier for Tennesseans to eat their roadkill.

Can this female military pilot defeat a Bigfoot hunter in Tennessee’s wackiest primary?

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I'm surprised the Washington

I'm surprised the Washington Post and Kathleen Parker would advocate for a Republican in this race. But I get it. Circus sideshow and comedy value and all that.

Curious they didn't mention the two qualified Democrats in the race. One of them is even, gasp, a woman!

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Nickloes supports Trump and

Nickloes supports Trump and that makes her unqualified! I watched an earlier Nickloes ad that did not mention Trump. Now like most Republicans she announces her support for our baffoon President. Any person that actually thinks Trump is qualified to be President is ignorant. Most of the Republican candidates know that Trump is not qualified for County Commission let alone President. The only reason they support him is out of fear of losing their election. That dishonest endorsement of Trump to honest and hard working Americans that look to them for guidance is a betrayal of trust. There are a few good and decent Republican lawmakers out there that have the character to speak out against our immoral President, but not many. This is a scary time in our country and we need leaders and common folk to take a stand against Donald Trump. Our children, grandchildren, and the world are depending on it. Much of the damage Trump has done can never be repaired. Trump needs to be impeached and removed before it is too late. We cannot do that with supporters of Trump such as Nickloes or Burchett or Matlock or Blackburn in Congress. We need more women in Congress, but not Nickloes.

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Yeah, vote for a Democrat.

Yeah, vote for a Democrat. Ignore the Republicans.

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To me the story was in the

To me the story was in the context of the characters in the Republican primary.

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Excuse Me...

...for not posting my comment any sooner. I'd scanned Nickloes's positions on the issues in her website, then projectile vomited and have spent the last hour cleaning the mess off my keyboard. I'm okay, now. Just do yourself a favor and Don't.Go.There.

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The bottom line

If this site is to be opened back up to progressive debate, then those of us that have been censured or driven away by other means, should be brought back and restored to status of free speech and given access to the free press. If the only sane press venue doesn't encourage broad-based debate, then how will the issues at hand be presented? Does any sane veteran of this site think that Tamara Shepard should not be a part of this fall's election debate? I wouldn't be opposed to coming back myself. More hits mean more advertising dollars, and doing the right thing means I don't have to worry about going to hell. I voted for Hillary in the general, but it didn't help. It's time to move on.

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This is a weird, poorly

This is a weird, poorly written column.

Why was the interview in Johnson City, instead of in District 2?

The race is between Burchett and Matlock – duh. Why did Nickloes think she could spot her opponents a nine month head start on campaigning?

Why is this the "wackiest" primary contest in the state? If I were looking at this from 35,000 feet, I'd pick DeJarlais' race.

And why didn't Parker, a Never Trump right-winger, get into the fact that Nickloes is just as Trumpy as Burchett, Matlock or anybody else in the race.

What it looks like is some right wing group got inspired by Amy McGrath's success in Kentucky and decided to look for Republican female fighter pilots to run and Nickloes is as close as they could get.


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Lol. Exactly right on all

Lol. Exactly right on all points.

Also, the "wackiest" primary in Tennessee is any primary that has Diane Black on the ballot.

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Yep. She's got the crown;

She's got the crown; mostly because Marsha has no significant primary opposition. That general election's going to be bad.

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