Apr 21 2011
09:05 am

I just found the teeny weeny article online, which is a sham. It vaguely describes Stacey's newest bill indicating that HE wants to mandate what human sexuality content is taught to our public school students and when HE feels WHAT content is 'age appropriate'.

I cannot believe he got past the 'Committee' (apparently as ignorant about sex as he is) and it is now headed to the 'full Senate' for a vote.

I can just imagine the content: Since he hates gays, and women and girls who 'get pregnant without husbands' and he despises those who get hepatitis B or C, and wants all women who have abortions or miscarriages to get "birth/death certificates" for these tragedies...god only knows what 'FACTS' he will mandate the teachers in public schools provide these children.

This is just another subject this jerk knows NOTHING about. It is apparent from all his previous hate bills. He is wasting time and our money with his sanctimonious jokes of bills...bills that could become law what with all the other faux Senators who do not know the first thing about teaching human sexuality in an accurate, factual, truthful when to tell young children about pedophiles (strangers) and inappropriate touching...or when to tell a young girl how to protect herself if she is RAPED...His hatred of gays goes without saying.

Can we not start a petition to remove him from our Legislature and get someone in that seat who wants to do something to HELP our State, our District, and Knox County? Who is with me? Every day he shows up at the Capitol is a day he wastes our money and embarrasses the hell out of East Tennessee. And yeah, if somebody would back me and pay him $1000, I would debate him!

Mary the prez's picture

I get it now; we made '' "He hates gays"!

And it was titled "You can't say "gay" , etc.

Once again, he proves his inept, inaccurate, ignorant attitudes and his bias against a whole minority...wonder why? He sure does have some strange,

Who will be next on his ludicrous hit list? And he did not ever promise to do one damned thing for anyone in his District. NADA. His approach to cutting the deficit, though was simply brilliant..."sell all the private jets belonging to the State, and close and sell all the public golf courses"!

Yeah, there must be something he is hiding with this latest.

gonzone's picture

I'm sure the gay community

I'm sure the gay community collectively cringes when this happens.

CathyMcCaughan's picture

He isn't hiding anything. He

He isn't hiding anything. He wears his ignorance proudly.

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