Feb 8 2013
06:00 am

In case you missed it:

Full episode here...

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It was great. As usual. But

It was great. As usual.
But what I don't understand is why isn't a challenger stepping up to capitalize on this notoriety? I read a long thread on Reddit where folks were begging for a website to send money--from all over the country--to defeat campfield. Is someone going to run? Now's the time to set up a PAC to build a war chest.

Who's running?

Just saw the Briggs announcement, but this is still a great opportunity for a Dem.'s picture

to do what ?

Lose ?

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Stacey Campfield Challenger

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Stacey Campfield Challenger

Brian J. Stevens
His website: (link...)
Updates, info, and a donation button

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And great was the skewering thereof.

Granted, someone like Campfield is a literal gift to someone like Colbert. Still, it was pretty brilliantly done.

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I have had conversations with Brian and...

asked him if he would consider running for office as a Democrat, but I have no idea if he has made that philosophical change. If so, he will need to present his goals, strategy, etc. to see how his goals connect with our Democratic platform. We have been burned in the past by those who 'ran as a Democrat' and then betrayed our stated in the DNC platform, most recently revised at the DNC Convention last September.
Finding the ideal Candidate, a strong person of character to take on Campfield and his 'renown' and all the secret money he gets from 'Citizens United' and wealthy GOPpers who will pay any amount to keep a quality Democrat from taking this seat away is what it is about. This was evidenced by Randy Walker's campaign...I attended the only debate in that race, and it was clear that Stacey had revved up UT Students to 'make noise' for him that night, even tho' they did not even understand the real issues...and probably could not vote for him either.
And no matter how much folks SAY they would contribute "online", in the end it is the voters of that District who will decide. Shelley Breeding would be a great one, but her back door is in Anderson County, and her front yard and mailbox is in another Knox County District from Campfield's.

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