Oct 31 2006
07:41 pm

It looks like desperation is the name of the game for Stacey Campfield these days. I've got a couple of friends who live in District 18 and have Schree Pettigrew signs in their yards. (shocking, I know.) Each of them received a call in the last couple of days from Campfield, asking them why they had a Pettigrew sign in the yard and whether they planned to vote for Pettigrew.

One of them used the term "badgered" and the other one used "harrassed" to describe the phone call.

I don't know how desperate you have to be to personally call and badger your opponent's supporters, but this clearly can't be good for Campfield.

Any other residents of the 18th District with Pettigrew signs get an ominous call from The Rep asking them who they're voting for?

p.s: Don't forget to come out and see Governor Bredesen as he campaigns with Schree on Thursday... should be a good time.

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hey tn lib....

...is that tomorrow or Thursday, the 2nd?

Tennessee Liberal's picture

I am an idiot

That is Thursday. Woops.

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From the recent press

From the recent press release:

"Bredesen and Pettigrew will greet parents at Cedar Bluff Middle School at 3:00 p.m. on Thursday. Afterwards, they will meet with voters at Soups & Scoops Cafe, located at 120 South Peters Road"

CoachBJTBParker's picture

Cause I am BLESSED to live

Cause I am BLESSED to live across the river I don't have a puppy in this fight. THAT SAID, any man that would try to become a member of the ebony caucus (lord it is hard to spell when you are old and have spent an evening running up and down the stairs with bags of candy) has to get my vote!

Not sure who the lady is running against him but her picture is rather normal so if you must vote for her whatever. I still like the fun side of this other dude.

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HE is calling people?

Personally?  I've seen a number of signs around here, so he must be busy.

I'm no campaign strategist, but it seems to me that a candidate should direct limited resources (time and money) towards those voters most likely to vote for him.  And people who have the opponent's name in their yard probably aren't those voters.

Brian A.
I'd rather be cycling.

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Pettigrew's mailers and

Pettigrew's mailers and phone calls have been disgusting and disgraceful. She ought to be ashamed of herself. In fact, the phone calls about a child rapists left on answering machines...that she admitted to having made on her behalf...are probably ILLEGAL and she could face FCC fines and possible prosecution.

So, is all fair in this campaign? Is all fair to get another vote to back Jimmy Naifeh's campaign to line his wife's pockets? Jimmy "I think it OK to inject children with MERCURY and other heavy metal poisons" Naifeh???

Pettigrew is dangerous if you know all of the connections.

Tennessee Liberal's picture

Truth is the ultimate defense...

I know it's hard to process, "independent," but the calls that the campaign sent out were truthful... Stacey did live with the convicted sex offender at two different addresses, and people have the right to know that.

They also have the right to know that he has regularly failed to pay his property taxes in a timely manner, and that he has not passed a single bill since he's been in the State House.

Pettigrew's ad calls it the "Ugly Truth," and I like that -- this guy makes all Tennesseans look bad. His only response is to call and badger individual supporters of his opponent... like I said, desperation.

CoachBJTBParker's picture

Pettigrew's ad calls it the

Pettigrew's ad calls it the "Ugly Truth," and I like that --"

Glad to see the girl with the chubby cheeks is taking the high road on this! Still think he should get props for trying to get into that dark circle, don't you?

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Congratulations, Coach! You

Congratulations, Coach! See ya!

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Anybody got any Febreze?

Anybody got any Febreze?

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Unfortunately I can't ban

Unfortunately I can't ban his IP address because he's on AOL dial-up that is shared by a number of other legit users. But if he's spotted under some other fake name he will be moderated with extreme prejudice.

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Extreme Moderation

That's the best kind of moderation. :)

In a discussion a few days ago about my decision to remain a Southern Baptist, I referred to my home church as being filled with extreme moderates.

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No Phone Calls

I have plugged my phone line into the fax, so all callers get is that high pitched screech. I am blissfully ignorant of any push polling or harrassing reps. Besides, anybody that needs to get in touch with me always use my cell number anyway.

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