Apr 30 2011
10:16 am

The small community of Camp Creek in Greene County was totally destroyed Wednesday night by one of the two tornadoes that hit there. My son-in-law lost a dear uncle, and his aunt remains in ICU in critical situations and does not remember what happened. That small place with so many relatives and friends, lost 6 dead, 90 injured and most homes gone. The other community, Horse Creek, was hit by the second tornado up there and one life was lost.

Blessings in this tragedy: A daughter, her fiance' and their two small children huddled in a closet and were not injured. And others who lived nearby were not touched.

FEMA was there yesterday, 36 hours after the storm, and will meet with the survivors and victims this morning. The uncle's employer, John Deere, sent a whole crew to the site, and paid them a full day, to go and be with and support the family members who stayed behind to deal with the remnants of the house and barns, etc.

Please remember these families and all who lost loved ones, especially the survivors.


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