Hey all you fellow Tennessee Democrats. Are you tired of stuff like this? Here's something you can do and it won't cost you one thin dime.


Head on over to the new Tennessee Democratic Party website and sign up. Then invite your friends and neighbors and in-laws and outlaws to sign up, too.

It's easy. Here's all you do.

1. Go here, fill out the info, and click 'sign up'.

2. Once you're signed up, go here and invite other folks to sign up.

Once you've done that, check out the growing number of online groups that forming up and join the ones that interest you. And don't forget to sign up for TNDP e-mail news.

Bonus: once you're signed up you will have your very own personal TNDP blog. It is all completely free of charge, and no salesman will call.

And here's a challenge for all you progressive Tennessee bloggers: Let's see if we can get ONE THOUSAND new signups at the TNDP website in the next seven days or even sooner.

Katie's picture

I signed up yesterday..just

I signed up yesterday..just went and checked... my membership has been approved...I'm just giddy....

middleguard's picture

Easily done. Nice web site.

Easily done. Nice web site. Looks like they have been busier than thought at the TNDP.

Konialation's picture



Let's see if this a place where Dems exchange ditto-head pleasantries, or if there's a real, party oriented debate to be found.

Wonder how long it will take before they boot me out...

talidapali's picture

okie dokie...

i signed up...la la la la la...now let's see if the TNDP can get its act together and start winning elections even here in lil ole RED East Tennessee. If they are smart they'll start listening to the folks from around here instead of just telling us what they think we want or need.

"You can't fix stupid..." ~ Ron White"
"I never said I wasn't a brat..." ~ Talidapali

KonaPali's picture


Hey, you.

Good to see you.

citizenX's picture

Happy Days Are Here Again

This was sooo easy!! Thanks for posting this web site. I look forward to becoming part of this blogging community.

Konialation's picture

Ok, daddy-o

Not only did I join, I graced them with an original blog piece in standard captainkona fashion.

My view of it?
Now since they seem to want to pre-screen blog posts (an act that is already unbecoming), we'll see if they allow mine.
If they do we have a serious TNDP that is ready and willing to change and go for the throat of the Republican party. If they don't, it's just more of the same squeamish, jelly-spine bullshit that the TNDP is famous for.

If the TNDP want's to get my vote and money and activism away from the Greens, they'll have to show me some backbone that's at least close to what the Green party has.

Otherwise I'll have no part of it.

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