Jan 11 2017
07:57 am

We've made it! We're in there with some of the most intolerant states in the country.

California has banned state-funded travel for employees to four states that have enshrined anti-LGBTQ legislation in their law books since June 29, 2015.

The ban stems from Assembly Bill 1887 and affects state-sanctioned travel to North Carolina, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Kansas.
Tennessee lawmakers passed and Republican Gov. Bill Haslam signed into law last year a statute that supercedes the American Counseling Association’s professional code of ethics, which required state-licensed counselors and therapists to treat members of the LGBT community regardless of the provider’s personal beliefs.

The Volunteer State’s law now allows counselors and therapists to reject clients whose goals are at odds with the professionals’ “sincerely held beliefs.”

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And that Ladies and Germs, is

And that Ladies and Germs, is all the proof you need that there is no such thing as a "fiscal conservative" in state wide office in Tennessee. Responsible fiscal policies are far enough down the list of priorities that doing stupid shit out ranks them.

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What's the over under on

Tennessee state travel being denied to state employees traveling to states or countries which have pro-LGBTQ laws

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