Feb 22 2009
06:42 pm

A coyote on the prowl:


More photos in this slideshow from our quick drive around Cades Cove on a snow dusted Sunday afternoon. In addition to the coyote, there were Meadowlarks all over the place, which we had not seen there before. And lots of deer, which we presume you have seen before.

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Beautiful! I bet the traffic


I bet the traffic in the cove was tolerable today as well.

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Very nice

It looks like they got a little less snow there than we did here in my section of Blount County.

fletch's picture

Very nice. A quick drive

Very nice. A quick drive around the Cove? Impossible!

MDB's picture

Other animals?

A coyote on the prowl

When you see a roadrunner there, be sure to post about it.

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Up Goose Creek's picture

Quick drive?

A quick drive on a Sunday afternoon? I'm impressed. I've told the youngsters we'd have to confine our visits to weekday evenings in the off season as I (we) have little tolerance for those who view the loop as an 11 mile parking lot.

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Re. the snow, we were there

Re. the snow, we were there in the afternoon and a lot of it had probably melted off. In the shadier spots it looked like they maybe got a little more than we had down here in the lower areas.

By "quick drive" I mean we just up and went and we didn't stop and get out much. But I was surprised there were no backups or traffic jams. It wasn't all that crowded. I guess people thought the roads might be bad.

Terry Troll's picture

Two comments

First: My wife and I visit family in the Knoxville area usually around the Holidays. We spent several Christmas days in the park almost alone. One year we saw only one other vehicle and it was a Ranger.
2. If meadowlarks are rare in the Cove even more rare are Cedar Waxwings as far south as the Louisiana Gulf Coast where I live, yet this morning, for the first time ever, I had them in my yard. I have a couple of large ligustrums (?) just out side my patio door. There were six or seven Waxwings savagely attacking the little green berries on the plants. They stayed for a few minutes then pressed on to wherever. Just wrote them down in my life book.

bizgrrl's picture

Isn't it wonderful that you

Isn't it wonderful that you were there and looking as the Waxwings decided to stop by for a visit.

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