Feb 9 2017
03:59 pm
By: bizgrrl  shortURL

The company is getting way too much flak from the Trump administration. How is it okay that Kellyanne Conway can be a clothing sales rep for the president's daughter as well as a spokesperson for the administration?

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Sales will surely tumble down now...

Not a ringing endorsement coming from somebody who dressed like this for the inauguration.

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NBC News reports she can't be both:

House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Jason Chaffetz sharply criticized Conway for her remarks.

"That was wrong, wrong, wrong. It is wholly unacceptable — no if, ands or buts about it," the chairman told NBC News by phone.

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So maybe I should get one of

So maybe I should get one of these?


Free shipping!

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Ha, ha! Some people have more money than sense...

Years ago, when I first moved to LA (at age 23), my only purse was a backpack and my only shoes were a pair of Lady Dingo boots. I landed my first office job (Gawd only knows what I wore to the interview) and applied for a Nordstrom credit card in order to gear up.

I was given just a $250 credit limit, though, which I quickly discovered would afford me either a ladies scarf or a mens necktie. I bought neither and fortunately discovered the so-called "garment district's" downtown wholesalers shortly thereafter.

(The cost of that ball cap aside, I never cared to turn myself into any walking billboard by wearing clothing emblazoned with the name of some designer. Wouldn't give $3.95 for it, much less $395.00.)

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Let's be fair to Nordstrom's

Sure Nordstrom's has some outrageously expensive items, but to be fair, they have a wide price range. And they have great sales. I've ordered from them several times before. I placed an order yesterday in support of their new policy and it included a sweater on sale for $12.97.

I ordered a set of dishes from Macy's before Christmas and this I now regret. Too bad they've already been used.

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Their stock closed considerably higher yesterday. Could it be that those same urban voters who notoriously rejected Donald Trump by an overwhelming margin are now voting with their pocketbooks? Oh, the perils of a free market.

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Nordstrom Stock Soared by 7 Percent After Trump's Twitter Slam

Retail experts say the reason Nordstrom stock shook off the controversy while other companies have seen their share prices fall after being on the receiving end of a disgruntled tweet was simple: Unlike Lockheed Martin, which depends on U.S. government contracts, or General Motors, whose investments in Mexico could be threatened by an import tax, there isn't much Donald Trump can do to hurt the fortunes of a high-end department store chain.

Nordstrom Stock Soared by 7 Percent After Trump Slammed it on Twitter

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Sears/Kmart say me too!


Sounds like they saw the stock market reaction to Nordstrom and decided to get in on a little free PR in hopes of a similar boost. Reeks of desperation. Embarrassing.

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Not so sure I agree with you.

Not so sure I agree with you. Maybe the brand genuinely wasn't selling well.

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