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Would be nice.

Would be nice.

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Coach Jones

He comes off a very short list:

the list of coaches that Dooley actually thumped in a game (45-23 last year, Vols over Bearcats).

In all seriousness, good luck.

This could've been Dave Hart's Waterloo (where the Prince of Orange was wounded, among other things :-)).

Hart said he didn't need a search firm to help out, that he'd handle it on his own. At best it was awkward.

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What's a Rutgers?

(Apologies to Randy Smith.)

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Big East Academic

Big East Academic champion

Also, Cincinnati ranked near the top in this category:
Institutions at Which Black Male Student-Athlete Graduation
Rates are Equal to or Higher than Comparison Groups

20% at Cincinnati compared to 3% here now.

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or is it a preemptive purchase?

I have heard the athletic departments are making preemptive purchases of these websites to avoid another episode of i would also suggest in todays extreme interaction of social media and sports, a coach would be doing themselves a favor by just purchasing those domains and parking them, themselves.

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Important facts

"the list of coaches that Dooley actually thumped in a game (45-23 last year, Vols over Bearcats)"

As most should know, small colleges plays larger schools for the money not to win games. The small school coaches are going to get losses on their record for the money. For people to say that is a reflection on the coaching ability of the losing coach is a farce.

If one looks back at the statement by Hart that his choice would have SEC experience seems to have been forgotten when his search became a national joke.

Whether Butch Jones was the best choice for UT is debatable. But at least he wanted the job. My only advice to him, or any coach, is to be a disciplinarian. That is something Tennessee has been lacking. Bray needs a boot in his butt.

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Size of Football Team

What I meant by size was a school's football ability and not attendance of students. U of C is not in the same league as the SEC and other BCS programs. They play as an underdog for the money. These losses are not a reflection of the losing coach but of reality. I was glad to hear Jones mention being a disciplinarian today. Score a big +1 for him! This is what Tennessee has been missing.

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Watching the press

Watching the press conference. I already like this guy.

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The 3-4 is a superior defensive scheme, from both a playing standpoint and a recruiting standpoint. UT's problems with the 3-4 this year stem more from a lack of speed and talent than anything else. I wouldn't necessarily get giddy about this.

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Player's ability

Butch Jones said it very clearly yesterday. You have to play the game in accordance to the ability of your team. Something that a lot of coaches and fans fail to recognize.

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Son, just because you're condescending doesn't mean you're correct. At the risk of derailing the thread, I'll explain my position.

I think the 3-4 allows for more flexibility and is more disruptive. The 3-4 features four linebackers, who are the best combination of size, speed and athleticism on the team. They can line up in various locations to confuse the opposing quarterback while still being in sound defensive positions. The featured pass-rusher is the weakside outside LB, who is quicker that a DE and much quicker than the offensive tackle assigned to block him. And often the weakside outside LB lines up on the line in a lineman's stance, so it presents itself as a four-man front but is more flexible than a 4-3. For example, when you run a zone blitz, the "lineman" who drops into coverage can be a quicker LB rather than a slower DE. When you go into nickel situations, a DB replaces an LB, but you still have three LBs on the field as opposed to only two as in a 4-3.

From a recruiting standpoint, it's a matter of numbers. I'm going to base my formulation on personnel needed for a two-man depth chart.

DBs are the same in both schemes, so that's irrelevant. Both the 4-3 and the 3-4 need four quick, speedy cover corners, two strong safeties who can play the run as well as cover wide areas of the field and two free safeties who can play center field and break on the long ball.

LBs, as noted, should possess the best blend of size and speed. Obviously, you need to recruit six LBs for the 4-3 and eight for the 3-4. In the 4-3, the middle LB has to be a big, fast, terrifying monster. In a 3-4, you have two inside LBs who can be slightly less terrifying and cover more ground. You don't need to have a Butkus or a Ray Lewis in a 3-4. More on LBs in a moment.

The defensive line is where the key difference is, and it's probably harder to recruit great linemen than it is great linebackers, primarily because 6-4, 250-lb guys who can run are easier to find than 6-7, 300-lb guys who can run. A 4-3 essentially needs eight of those 6-7 guys, at least one of whom has to be a DE who can fly to be the featured pass-rusher. A 3-4 requires two nose tackles who must be huge but don't necessarily have to be the greatest athletes because their job is to occupy two offensive linemen. You need only four of those 6-7 guys, and none of them have to be the monster pass rusher because that job belongs to the weakside outside LB.

So, in sum a 4-3 demands twice as many 6-7 guys who can run. It's a lost easier to find two huge but not-necessarily athletic guys to play nose tackle and a couple more LBs than it is to find four additional 6-7 linemen.

That's why I think it's easier to recruit for a 3-4 than it is for a 4-3. Of course, it doesn't matter what scheme you use if you have inferior talent.

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If we don't get SEC speed in the defensive backfield we may want to think about an eight or nine man front and just swarm the ball every play.

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In case you missed it, here

In case you missed it, here is Butch Jones at his press conference yesterday:

He convinced me. Hope he does as well on the field and is able to keep his job.

Here's the "memorandum of understanding" outlining the terms of his contract:

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So far...

My favorite part of the process has been everyone debating about whether or not it's a home run, while clearly the analogy is sitting in the batter's box.

I hope the guy does well. Thus far, he's refreshing.

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Jones first team meeting:

Jones first team meeting: "Fast and furious"

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Special Teams

I haven't heard talk like this since Johnny Majors.

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