Nov 12 2017
12:41 pm
By: R. Neal  shortURL

Staff has been informed. Brady Hoke named interim coach for final two regular season games. Reports of team meeting at 1PM. Press conference at 5PM.


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Six coaches who could replace

Six coaches who could replace Butch Jones

Jon Gruden. Hasn't coached in a while.
Dan Mullen, Mississippi State.
Justin Fuente, Virginia Tech.
Mike Norvell, Memphis.
Lane Kiffin, FAU.

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Jon Gruden makes way more

Jon Gruden makes way more than UT could ever pay him.
Dan Mullen would be taking a step backwards in football terms, but it would get him out of the West and away from Saban.
Fuente would be out of his depth in the SEC.
Norvell can recruit the hell out of the South.
Lane Kiffin is Ted Cruz's next campaign manager.

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Another list of prospective

Another list of prospective coaches,
some duplicates to the previous list and some additional.

Scott Frost, UCF.
Matt Campbell, Iowa State.
Chip Kelly, not currently coaching, previously Oregon
Bobby Petrino, not currently coaching, previously Louisville and Arkansas.
Jeff Brohm, Perdue.
Mike MacIntyre, Colorado.

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Frost: Maybe. That's a big

Frost: Maybe. That's a big leap from a classic mid-major. Knows Florida recruiting in and out.
Campbell: He's not ready for the SEC.
Chip Kelly: Butch Jones without the whimsy.
Petrino: Currently doing his best Judge Smails impersonation on a golf course somewhere.
Brohm: See Campbell.
MacIntyre: See Brohm.

I am loving every minute of this. One of my advisees is a UMASS football player. UT fans behind the UMASS bench were actively cheering on UMASS as they put a scare into the Vols. Chanting "Fire Butch Now."

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Funny. At least with him we

Funny. At least with him we might smile while we are losing.

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You're killing me!

You're killing me!

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Interesting takes. Gruden is

Interesting takes.

Gruden is making $6.5 million with no guarantee or buyout. He's the highest paid on-air talent at ESPN, where they have shed most of their biggest contracts. Monday Night Football contract is up in a couple years and I'd be surprised if ESPN gets the contract again. He's got a lot of uncertainty on the horizon. UT can compete financially here, no question. I just don't think the guy wants to coach at the college level. He's making 6.5 million and doesn't have to recruit, deal with parents, or spend nearly the amount of time working that it would take to coach.

Petrino is currently the coach at Louisville. Has been there a couple years, and on a pretty strong run. He doesn't seem like the kind of guy you'd want leading young men. I doubt he gets a sniff.

I'd be interested in Frost.

Mullen is intriguing too. UT would provide many more resources than he has access to at Miss St, and he wouldn't have to convince young adults to choose to move to Starkville.

Norvell is a Texas guy who played ball in Arkansas. Word is he is interested in potential openings at Arkansas or Texas A&M.

Campbell and Brohm seem like good coaches, but big risks.

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