Feb 27 2006
12:59 pm

The Bush administration is studying ways to outsource two-thirds of the U.S. Forest Service, including all of its scientists and researchers. This sounds like a swell idea, like FEMA outsourcing evacuee transportation to a company with no buses, who sub-contacted it out to another company with no buses.

Maybe we should outsource all the forestry to the Saudis. They have a lot of forests, right? And we can outsource all the science to Liberty University. They can study the intelligent design of pine bores and woolly adelgids while Jerry Falwell prays for their extermination.

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Do We Need a Park Service?

Maybe he's planning to sell off more federal land than he's telling.   If he sells the whole lot to developers, he can completely do away with the Forest Service.  You  certainly won't need a service if you have no forests.  Think of the money he could save.  Why he could afford to cut another tax break!

nill illigitimi carborundum

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