Nov 8 2012
05:07 pm

From the press release...

Mayor Burchett appointed Knox County Senior Director of Community Outreach Hemal Tailor, Knox County Commissioner Brad Anders, Hampton Inn Downtown General Manager Anita Lane and Piper Communications Founding Principal Cortney Piper to the Visit Knoxville Board of Directors. These four appointees join Carmen Tegano and Bo Connor, who were previously appointed by the mayor and are already serving on the organization’s board.

"These individuals will do a great job on the board," Mayor Burchett said. "Like me, they are all committed to ensuring transparency in the operation of Visit Knoxville, and the efficient use of taxpayer dollars to effectively promote tourism in Knoxville and Knox County."

Memphis Slim's picture

Not impressed at all, no need for county employees on the board

nor do we need a spin shop like Piper Communications, which is merely a Democratic mirror image of Susan Williams' SRW & Associates. Other than the hotel owners, there aren't any true tourist attractions owners or destination facility operators here in Knox County anyway. The downtown Hampton Inn is a nice property and should be positioned to assist in accomodating tourist in Knox County, particularly when the Henley Street Bridge opens back up.

They can spin it any way they want, but the entire effort is a waste of time, taxpayer money, and potentially a roadblock to the natural scheduling and programming of events at the local downtown hotels.

They need to tap into Marriott's convention and meeting desks at their corporate level to get Knoxville on the list for certain sized meetings and events that are not big enough for the Marriott facilities in Atlanta/Charlotte, but their regional preference is for the Marriott Griffen Gate resort in Lexington. When Hyatt ran the funning bulding across the way, for the longest time, Knoxville was the only Hyatt in the state of Tennessee. A number of meetings and events occurred in Knoxville over the years given the Hyatt assistance in knowing Knoxville out as a choice from time to time.

Cortney_Piper's picture

Memphis Slim, with all due

Memphis Slim, with all due respect you clearly are not familiar with my business or my very public comments about the former KTSC. Feel free to check out (link...) and watch some of the episodes from when the Gloria Ray scandal broke and from when the new contract was awarded to Visit Knoxville.

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